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Toowoomba Mums!!! Mothers / Play Group???? Lock Rss

Awesome sounds good! I'll be seeing all you ladies there around that time on Friday!

Have a good wk end =D

yeh i agree with it being easier to feed ur own kiddies!!
sounds good see some of u there all going well


I have a six month old son and would also be interested in meeting other Toowoomba mum's, iam in Toowoomba and don't know many people in the same stage of life as me. I would love to be involved in a mum's group or play group!
iam so confused! i have no idea how to work this do you know who's online?? how do u talk to people???
[Edited on 06/07/2008]
Hey Issac's mum!
No its this friday at picnic point at around 10. On the other side of the toilet block at the quieter playground.

Hey did anyone brave the toy sales? OMG how busy was it?

Isabella (20/11/07)

Yes i did thought i did rather well was in and out of big w by 8.30 thats layby done aswell and went to kmart and was done there by 9.15 lol i had my sister with me and alot of luck got everythink i wanted plus extra think i over spent hahahahah but yes was very buzy and the rude ppl that were out :S

OmG it was shocking or what! I rocked up wif my SIL just b4 8am and we were finished shopping by 8.30 but were stuck in layby til 9.30ish!

We pretty much grabbed everything we wanted and i don't think we missed out on anything either. However we headed bk again on Friday to place another layby!!

There was a lot of things that were sold out but yeah we were very lucky to grab all the things we wanted on our list as well as extras!!

Also popped into Kmart and grabbed a few more things in there and now I'm counting down to Target LOL!

Hey guys, I wont be at the meet again this week but hopefully the next one!
I braved Big W on thurs night and got everything I wanted for the boys birthdays and then we did Kmart today. We were lucky to get outta there pretty quickly!
Hi girls,

I haven't actually posted in here before (I don't think so anyway), but I have been in Toowoomba about 2 months now. I have DD who is 14 months and was wondering if I would be able to come to your meets and stuff? I'm having a bit of trouble finding a playgroup I like lol and I think Kai could do with some social interaction, I would also love someone other than my DP to talk to! If someone could give me some details about the next meet I would be very grateful.

hi Tash

i'm Shelley

the next meet up is at picnic point

as you drive up its on the far right side behind the toilets.
just follow the road around and there is parking available near the play area.

my number is 0401444354 if u get lost and need better directions

Hey Tash!!
The next meet is on Friday 11th July at Picnic Point park on at teh far right playground - at 10am (or whenever you get there, lol)
Everyone is more then welcome... the more the merrier i reckon!!
Will see you all on friday (hoping the weather holds out for us)

of course ur welcome, love to meet u your in the same due in group as me on here 2 and due a day before me grin
talk soon


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