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Toowoomba Mums!!! Mothers / Play Group???? Lock Rss

Hi Tash!

Looking forward to meeting you and your DD Kai this coming Friday if the sun comes out that is!

Thanks very much, I hope the sun comes out too - going a bit stir crazy being stuck inside lol. See everyone on Friday then!

Hi ladies,

Just want to say that if the weather is this cold tomorrow I won't be taking my kids to the park as I don't want them getting it would be too cold for me to be standing around whilst Cohen played.

So here is my suggestion & I don't care if no one takes me up on the offer its just there is you want to get together still...I'm offering to open up my house to you all if you still want to have a meet. Same time, same day etc...just pm if you want to come & I will give you my address.


DS 06, DD 08, #3 EDD 12/10.10

Sorry Ladies but we won't be there = Trent is having a long wk end off this week (which is lllloooonnnnggg overdue LOL) and we're going shopping so it wasn't going to be fair to go to the Meet for an hr with just Myah and head bk home iykwim.

Tristan goes to Daycare every Friday but it doesn't worry me if he's not there at the Meets as he's getting interaction with children still.

So yeah .. I hope the weather isn't too freezing for you all up there and you enjoy yourselves!

Hopefully I'll be at the next one = I'm yet to meet some new faces!

If the Meet changes like venue/time etc I'll try and make it after the shopping or when I get tired of Trent HAHA!

Have Fun!

Awesome Josie! Thats really nice of you to offer your house. However, I will send you a text if our plans change and we decide to head over =]

Aww thats nice of u josie!! I do agree think it will be a bit chilly, also worried about people Not checking in and turning up at park lol


Yeah im the same i dont wanna be goin out to the park with the kids in this weather incase they get sick.
I actually have to look after one of my friends little girls tomorrow so im not sure what i'll do yet!!
how very nice of you to offer your house Josie

i may not beable to come i'm gonna see if we can get in to see bob the builder at grand central.

i will let you know this arvo if we can make it

Hey chickies!

Bella and I wont be able to make it, as DH has the day off tomorrow, hes finished his course and has his wings so we are off to celebrate.
Have a great weekend.

Isabella (20/11/07)

Looks Like not many of us can make it, maybe mite be better putting it off for another week and pick a warmer venue hehe

Hey girls,

I was really looking forward to tomorrow too - it's a pity its so cold! Maybe we should find somewhere warmer and have a meet next week? I'm not doing anything lol but not sure of where we could go - any ideas?

yeh i was looking forward to it too (boo hoo sad) i havent got nethk on either i am pretty much free expect tuesday arvo have drs appt! could try scallywags or maccas or sumthk

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