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introducing myself and my boys Lock Rss

my name is christine and am married to anthony we have two beautiful boys. Liam who is 3 years old and Shaun who is 9 months old. we live in the redlands area. I have just managed to toilet train my 3 year old boy he has been wee trained but the poo side was a little more difficult but for a week and a half now he has been fully trained and i am very proud of him. my nine month old is crawling around, clapping hands and walking around furniture and behind his walker and is doing everything much quicker than liam did at the same age. I would like to chat to other mums about the little ones and compare notes and stories. my email address is [email protected] hope to hear from you.

regards christine
Hi Christine
My name is Abby and im from New Zealand I too have just joined Huggies and think its a great idea. I have a 3 and a half year old and a new baby who will be 6 weeks old tomorrow they are both girls. I too had heaps of trouble toilet training but then she spent a day with a friends wee girl then she just clicked. But then we had problems with constipation so just watch for that. Im glad your youngest is doing everything quicker than your oldest because my oldest was a bit slow with the walking and crawling so Im hoping my little one will be up and off quicker. So how did you find it at first having 2 children? I struggle sometimes although my partner is really good and supportive he is a Chef and isnt home at the hardest time of the day - tea and bath time. So by the time he gets home at 10 or 11pm Im absolytly exhausted and cant really be "a person". well I better go and be a mum instead of stearing at a computer screen! hope to hear back from you soon

Abby, mother of 2 girls 3 years and 6 weeks

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