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need help: baby just turned 1, next one due in 6 mths Lock Rss

how do i do this - i am terrified at the thought of having two abbies to handle, i already feel so exhusted and sleepy all the time that i can't give enough attnetion to my son. He is so active and payful and i am jsut waiting for him to go to sleep all the time. How will i handle two? any advice?

Baby boy, Gold Coast, born 7/11/04

I was in that same situation my son was 15mths when I had my twins. Well Logan has made it to 2 yrs old and Lachy and Lilly are now 9mths.

Do you have any close family or friends around? I found this a must - my mum took 6wks off to help me get into a routine, as DP had to go back to work. It has been hard espically trying to devote time to Logan in a way I am lucky as he goes to daycare 5 days and the twins have just started to go 2 days - it gives everyone time to grow be happy and me time to get things done.

If you ever want to chat email me at [email protected]

twingle mummy (singleton and twins)

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