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truck driving dads and how do mothers cope Lock Rss

my name is tanya my partner is an interstate truck driver just wondering how other people cope and how the kids react my son knows exactly when his dad is about to leave and tries to hide his shoes lol.
Hi Tanya,
My ex husband was a truck driver also. He didn't do interstate, but stayed away a few nights through the week. My DDs at the time were 2 and 4, they coped really well. They looked forward to him coming home.
Good luck

Marg and Makai 16months

hi Kais mum

mine is away from home 6 nights a week and home 1 day and 90 percent of that is spent sleeping or with his mates my DS looks forward to him coming home but hates when he leaves he screams for hours we moved from melbourne to queensland and he promised he would be home more but at least in melbourne he was home 3 days a week just find it hard sometimes without me time ( hope that doesn't sound selfish)my DS is full on
I know how you feel. I don't have me time either.

My son is pretty full on and usually y the end of the day I am worn out and grateful he is in bed. But then i usually get lonely.
My days as would yours be are very long.

Marg and Makai 16months

i am exhusted by lunch time but to make things harder he has week end access of his other kids but as he is only home 1 day of the week end i end up with them and 1 has asburges (like autism) i just wish i had some friends to visit or talk to as i keep to myself and find it hard to talk to people i don't know.
Hi Tanya,

I know how you feel. Most days I am exhausted by lunch. But my DS has been having a hard time since his Dad left, and then was sick for along time afterwards. I do it all on my own.
My only advantage at times is I do have older kids, one of which has a DS the same age as mine. They will come over at times just to help me. But I feel bad.
I walk to the shops daily just for a break from home.
I ended up having to put my DS in to daycare 2 days a week. Just so I could get stuff done at home.
My only friends basically live in my street.
I moved from Sydney (9 years ago) and as my other kids were older didn't really get to know anyone.
But most of my friends have lives, and don't have young kids. So most of my time is me and DS.
Do you have a problem looking after the other kids? Especially when he isn't there. It is his access, not yours.
It is hard enough with your own let alone looking after someone elses when you don't get a break.

Marg and Makai 16months

Hi marg,

It does it hard with his kids especially when even though they are in my care i am not allowed to disaplin them and i have older kids also 1 lives under my house with her boyfriend and she tries hard to help but i keep telling her its not her responsability to look afer her brother and if she does take him she only has him for about 10 minutes so i just make the most of everyday. i think it is really hard cause i don't know anyone and need to have adult conversation i move from melbourne in febuary and i feel bad even if i think about putting kayden in daycare but maybe he needs it. sorry for babbling hope to hear from you soon.

tanya and kayden
Hi! My dad was an interstate truckie for 29 years. Mum virtually raised us 3 kids on her own and some how they have managed to stay together. He used to drive Brisbane to Melbourne and worked 6 days a week, we never saw really but we now have a wonderful relationship with him. He used to when he was home make sure he played with us etc so we never felt like he didn't love us, and we knew when he was ready to leave. I remember whe i was maybe 6 or 7 i used to write little love letters in his note pad... he loved that. I'm sorry this probably hasn't helped but this is the perspective form an adult who was a child in the same situation.

hi tanya,

i dont have a pretner but my dads been a truckie all my life. he does the brissy darwin trip every fortnight 1 week on 1 week off.

i dont know how my mother coped with dad never really being around when we were younger and when he was there he was usually asleep. one thing my mum did was a map of australia and highlight dads trip where he was going so that we could see where he was and how far he went.

maybe when hubbies home get him to have a father son afternoon some real good bonding time

i would love for them to have father son time but like your dad when he is home he is asleep or with his mates. our DS misses him heaps even when he is home and by the time my partner want to spend time with him our DS is ready for bed. our son knows how to use my mobile and that is really sad when he is only 15 mths old. i have a special ringtone for him and when our son hears it he runs to the phone and i think that is so partner is home 1 day a week he does brissy to cairns he use to do melbourne to brissy (we have just moved to brissy from melbourne)i know our son will be ok in the long run as he still has both his parents who love him. i have a map with a cutout of a truck and i place the truck were he is that day

its soo hard to try and explain to kids why daddies not there, i know i had a few birthdays without my dad.

have you tried explaining to hubby that DS needs time with him, or is there a way of all 3 of you getting in the truck together, i know this may be hard with such a little one.

i think this is one reason why i dont wanna date a truckie, you never get to see them

Hi ladies, my DP is a truck driver, not interstate tho. He works for a company that moves cattle from one end of QLD to the other. sometimes he can be gone all week, or he is home for the night and gone in the morning. Its never the same each day and can ot plan anything. I have a two and half year boy and a 3 month old baby girl. Its a battle for me each day. As nobody comes to see me. My mum does but thats if i ask her to come to see me. I go to our playgroup once a week. Just so my two and half year old can play with other little ones. We live on a farm so when DP is home he has work to do one the farm. He drives a truck to support us as we are not making any money off the land. So i have to be strong and just deal with it i guess. It can be a very lonley life. I must say we do get along better if we are away from each other lol. He left on Monday morning and has not been home since. this is when i really start to get cranky!! He should be home in the morning. Fingers crossed! so good to find a subject like this on here. talk to you all soon. Cheers!! At the end of the day, we need trucks on the road, country wont go with out them.

Net, QLD

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