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Heading to the Sunshine Coast but have Questions Lock Rss

hey there girls,

My family and I are all heading up to the Sunshine Coast tomorrow!!!! Can't wait and hope the weather is fantastic.

I was wondering if anyone can tell us anything about Taxi's and Child seats. Do taxis up there have child seats do you need to make a special booking to use them??

Oh and if you think there are any must do's while we are there all ideas welcome.



hey there im originally from the coast and im pretty sure they dont have car seats i travel to brisbane regularly from rockhampton and i catch taxis in brisbane with my 1 yr old and i have asked them and they have said nope they dont have them so i just put her in the seat but if you have one with you when catching a cab u can use it.. also most of the must see thing is aussie world at ettamogah pub, ginger factory, and of course australia zoo, and there is also super bee...
ok i hope u have a great holiday..
I've caught a few taxi's while there and unless somethings changed in the last mth none of the taxi's have car seats. I'm sorry to say there's nothing overly exciting to do on the coast, I like the beach at caloundra as they have a little pool there with the sea water for those who don't like the waves, but think it might be a little cold still for the beach yet.

Like the pp said there's australia zoo out at beewah, the ginger factory out at yandina, bli bli castle in bli bli (though i lived on the coast for over 11 yrs and just down from this and i've never been there). You have the eumundi markets on sunday, or ones at maroochy river lions park which i'll be at, the ettamogah pub out on the highway, can't remember if they still have the deer park out at tanawah.

mumoftwo85 Im pretty sure they closed superbee down the other month.
underwater world


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