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Hello ladies..

My name is Melissa and have started up an online mothers Group.. I am from Brisbane and have 3 children, and would love some more ladies to join and chat with us.. We are a warm and friendly group and have lots of fun... There is Brisbane ladies already in the group and also ladies from other places around Aust, so if you would like to chat about anything, or even maybe start our own mothers group meetings. Come and join the fun..

If you are interested please send me an email to
[email protected] and Attention mums group, or leave a post here with your address and I will get back to you.

Hope to meet and chat with you soon..

Hugs Melissa....

Mel, Briz, 3 children

Hi Melissa,

Sounds like fun. My name is Jaime and I have a very active 2yr old.

My email is [email protected]

Jaime, QLD (Bree 28/03/02), (Bub#2 20/07/05)

Hello Melissa,

Would love to join your group. Email me at [email protected]

See you soon
Would love to join your mums group if its still going. Email me at [email protected]

Mumma of Amber-jo and Mahayla

My name is Amanda I would love to join your group
I have a 4 month old baby girl named Annabell
My e-mail is [email protected]

Manda, QLD, 4mth baby


My name is Danielle, please email me at [email protected] as I would love to join your mums group also. I have three girls 3,2 and 8wks.

QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

Sounds like fun...... I have a 2 month old daughter Pheobe and we'd love to join!

[email protected]

Sophi, Brisbane - Mum to Phoebe Skye born 17/02/05

My name is Amanda and I have a 10 week old boy named oscar and would love to join

[email protected]

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

Hi Amanda, My name is Allison. I have two daughters. I would love join the online mums group. My email address is [email protected] or on msn messenger. Talk to you soon


Hi Melissa

Sounds like a great idea - hello to everyone
my email is [email protected]

I have 2 kids, Harriett (was 2 in January) & Thomas (born 6/10/04). Having fun watching Thomas learning to crawl, hates being on his tummy, but I guess he's going to have to learn. Harriett "crawled" on her bottom, so we didn't really have the "excitment" watching a baby crawl, so it's interesting. I know everyone says they'll do it when they are ready, but is there any way to help them along. Thomas gets up on all fours, rocks back & forth then falls.....what's next????

Hope to talk to you soon

Hey there
I would love to hear from you.
My name is Kali and I have a 2 month old son named Harry.I live in Brisbane just outside the city.
[email protected]
email any time
Hi Melissa how are u??.
my name is liz and i have for girls. I live in maryborough qld. only 3 hours away from u.
I whod love to join u'r group.
my email address is [email protected]
hope to here from u soon.
take care. smile.

Liz(♥mumof5girls♥) . I Love my family

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