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Online Mums Group... Join in the fun Rss

id love to join

I would love to join a Online mum's group. I have twins Nicholas and Emma aged 3 and I think it would be fun to join a mum's group

my email is


Martina, QLD, mum of twins Nicholas & Emma 3yrs

hi mel, my name is kristy-lee, i have a one month old little girl named paige. and i would love to join your on line group. email
Hi everyone

I would love to meet some other mums online as well. I am on the Sunshine Coast my email is, I have 2 daughters.
Thanks Jess
Hi melissa,
Would love to join,
18month old very active and talkative son!!!

Busymum, QLD, Cheeky nearly 3 yr old boy.

Hi There,

Would love to join - what a fantastic idea!

I have a 5month old and live in Townsville.


Hi Melissa, my names Melissa too. I would love to be part of the group. I have a 6 month old baby girl named Georgia.
My email is
Hear from you soon.
hi im Kristal, i am 23 and live in north qld. I have a 13 month ld daughter. would love to know more.

Hannah 5/6/05 and Patrick 12/6/07

Hi Melissa

Your group sounds great, it would be nice to talk to other mothers. I have a two and half year old and live on a cane farm in nth qld. hope to talk to you soon. my email is

bye jay
Hi all, please feel free to join and use the chat there. It's still a new site (only been up for a couple of weeks) and totally free.

Also, Melissa, please do let me know about your Mothers Group - my email/MSN addy is drop me a line thru MSN or email me.

Sam, mum to Summer 14/03/06

Hi Melissa
I am a mum to twin 5 yr olds a 4 yr old a 16mth old and a 2mth old an online group would be fun you can mail me at hope to hear from you soon
cheers Sheree

mum of 5

Hello Melissa,

I am interested in joining your group. I am a mother of 5 and I live in brisbane. My email address is but cant use the msn at the moment so I have a yahoo messenger..
Thank you and looking forward to joining.

cerina & Jasmine 26 week prem 26/5/06

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