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I am 22 and i have a 19month old DS and another bub due in Jan are there any young Toowoomba mums out there?

Hello!! Im not sure if i fit into the 'young' catagory anymore, lol, but im Tanya (26) with 2 kids, DS is 5 and DD is 2!!
Hi, I'm sharna, 22 with a little girl Bella who is 1 on thursday.

Isabella (20/11/07)


I'm Leenie 22 with DD Skyla 22mths and Daniel 6mths.

hi, is anyone in a mothers group at all? i have been finding it hard to find one as they all seams very clickly. kwim?

sorry double posted
[Edited on 18/11/2008]
Im not in a mother groups, ive never been to playgroup either. Ive been to acouple of mothers groups but they all seemed to turn b!tchy in the end - so i just dont bother anymore!!

I'm Josie (25)mummy to Cohen 2 & Sienna almost 8mths. There is another group on here of Toowoomba mums that try to meet up regularly - at least once a week! I try to go occassionally but latley the days just don't suit me! Never mind...I am joining a play group at the start of next year so that my kiddies get to play with other kids & I get to meet some new mums. Go to if you want to see what is available!

Hope you find something that suits what you are looking for. PM if you want to chat or add me on msn [email protected] or facebook Josie Stockwell!


DS 06, DD 08, #3 EDD 12/10.10

Hi I am sandie 24 Mummy to Lillyan 3 and Briella 5 weeks feel free to add me on msn [email protected] Cant help ya with the mothers group either there is one of here as josie said otherwise try playgroup website i did try a playgroup but found it a little clicky as well so i hear ya

Hi, I'm Tash (23) and I have Kairi (18 months) and Adriel (4 weeks).

You should come along to one of our meets if the day suits you, we tend to work it around everybody lol (well try too). Otherwise if you find a group that you like going to let me know, I have been looking for a regular playgroup as well but I am too chicken to go by myself lol.

i don't think i will be able to join anything till after bub is born becasue i have no car. The hills are just getting to much for me atm. Would like to have some people to email and talk to my email is [email protected]

Hi I don't think I fit in here either....but your only as young as you feel i say tongue

I'm Jen (30) with 3 boys Jacob (7) Adam (4) and Noah (2 mths)

I live in Newtown.

I don't get together much with anybody either cause I am a bit older but also feel that the groups can be clicky and bitchy.

I am going to join a playgroup that is part of my sons school next year so that should be good. It is at Our Lady of Lourdes...feel free to check it out. You can find out more about it by ringing the presbytery there smile



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