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young mums or mums to be in the TWEED HEADS area!!!! Rss

hi everyone im 17 and pregnant with my first baby which i found out it a girl! i am 24 wks at the moment and i am due july 6th.

i would like to chat to ppl in the same area and maybe meet up and have a coffee or something.

hope to hear from anyone!

sarah xo

mummy 2 leila & mia x

Hi Sarah!
I live at South Tweed & have 2 gorgeous girls 2yrs & 5.5mths.
Just wanted to let you know you may like to come along to one of our meetings at the Aust. Breastfeeding Assoc.??
We meet at the new Salvation Army Hall in Banora Point & our next meeting is this coming Monday at 10.30am.
If you're interested I can give you more details or post you a flyer.
You might be thinking it's a funny place to go to meet considering you haven't had bub yet, but thinks about it-most people concentrate on "the birth" but that really only lasts, say..1day..but feeding this beautiful new bub will last forever!!!
As soon as bub arrives you will start thinking, ok you're here, now what do I do??
With breastfeeding-education is definitely the key!!
I've found the meetings to be a place to go for support & information & have made some wonderful friends!
Let me know if you are interested & want to know more!

Deb, NSW, Jessica 16/01/04, Amelia 15/10/05

i am 22 mum to 7 month old and live at kirra

Shelley,sunshine Coast, 2 KIDLETS

I am 26 and live in tweed heads. I have a 16 month old boy and I'd love to catch up with anyone who is email is:

Me, NSW & DS 22.12.04

hey my name is kim i am 18 and have a 7month old bubby girl i live in gold coast but go down the tweed neally everyday we should catch up my msn is
tahlias mummy
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