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Looking for mums of all ages to go to the park with.

my names Shelley
I have 2 boys Seth nearly 4 and Tyler 16 months.

Hi Shelley

Im Suz 35 and i have Thomas who is turning 10months.Im glad to be back on here! LOL
Any single daddys out there who want to take their kiddies to the park with us hot mummys???LOL

LOL! Hey Shell and Suz,

I'm Tasha and I have Kairi (22 months) and Adriel (14 weeks).
Glad to be back too!
So are we doing anything this week?
Hi Tash

Yr siggy is way to small!LOL the bigger the better!!!
Mayb if the weather is good a park?We havnt been to LaurelBank Park for awhile,but i do recall something about the flowers with Kairi????Im free anyday nextweek so whenever is fine with us!And i think it a good idea how we use to bring a plate of food to share,what do u guys think???

Hav a nice day
Suz and Thomas

Yeah Kai has allergies and the scented gardens seem to set her off sadly. We could go to Picnic Point? It has two really good play areas. I also agree on the plate of food. I might make some yummy sandwiches to share.
Picnic point sounds great.

hopefully the weather will dry up

i agree on bringing a plate to share

hope to see u all soon

Hello Ladies smile

I am sandie mummy to Lillyan 3 years and Briella 3mths lol
qould be up for a park met 2 hehe

double smile
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omg Triple post
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omg stupid huggies 4th double post lol
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omg Sandie huggies must love u

I think Sandies trying to take over! hehehehehehe
Picnic Point sounds great!now what day???
Sandwiches is a good idea!
I might make.....???? lol

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