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Hi everyone, i moved to caboolture from rockhampton just before christmas and i dont know anyone at all. i am hoping to meet some other mums and just make some friends...
hi there

i'm inthe same boat as you, i moved just before chrissy and i dont know anyone who lives here.
My name is karli i'm 23yrs and have two little girls, Makayla is 2yrs and Lilah is 7months
if your interested i would love to meet up for a coffee sometime


Im looking for other mums that would like to get out of the house and take the kids for a play. Obviously so we can sit and have a coffee and chat! wink
Ive lived here in Brisbane for 1 and half years and still havent found close friends "which I miss!" so that would be a bonus!
Hope to hear from yous soon
Hi Karli.

I am a 23 year old mother of 2 beautiful girls, aged 2 1/2 and 3 weeks! I am looking to meet people in my local area for a coffee and chat while our kiddies play! My 2 year old is getting a little bored with me at home, having previously been in daycare full time and I am hoping to met people with kiddies around the same age so they can play together.


I live up over at Narangba and I have just had a bubby and am looking at meeting new people too. I have recently become a bodyshop consultant and was wondering if you might be interested in having a bodyshop party. You get heaps of free and discounted gifts and it is a good chance to invite people to your house for a fun morning or afternoon. Please give me a yell if you would like more information. Cheers Bec
hi, i moved with my husband and 6 year old girl to caboolture just before xmas, from nsw.
i know a couple of people here but mostly its just me and my husband.
between work and morning sickness (i am 8 weeks) i dont really feel like doing much.
would really just like to get to know some like minded people and have a chat.
P.S would anyone be able to tell me how i can get one of those baby pic's under my posts?

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Hi Everyone,

Nice to see a few people who live in caboolture. I also live in caboolture. I am 23 this year i have a 5 year old daughter and one on the way due on septemember. I dont really know anyone in this area but would love to meet some friends, and also have some playmates for my daughter. Hope to hear from some of you soon smile
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I live in Morayfield at the moment, and am moving to our own house in Narangba at the begining of June. My name's Kathryn, I am 27, and have two boys, 3 years old and 17 months. We moved here from NSW last year, and I really miss having friends to catch up with for coffee.
i don't live in caboolture but i'm on the sunshine coast, so close enough i reckon lol.

i'm 27 and a single mum, my DD will be 1 next week, and we really need to socialise!!!!!!!
socialising sounds good to me:)
I live in the kallangur area and am 30 - is that too old? Sometimes - yes! I've got a gorgeous 9 week old girl and would love to get together with other mums. Just to get out of the house and not wander around the shops by myself would be a big treat! Has anyone got any ideas on where and when we could meet?
30 isn't old! i have no idea where anything is in caboolture so i'll just keep tabs on the thread if something is organised smile
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