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lonely " POME" Highland Park Rss

Hi there! My name is Wendy and i live in Highland Park near Nerang. I have a beautiful daughter called Charlotte who is 5 1/2 months old. My husband and I moved over from England when i was 5 months pregnant leaving ALL friends and family behind.

I love Australia , and my daughter very much , but sometimes it can get a bit hard going being stuck indoors on my own everyday whist my hubbys at work and friends are 18,000miles away !!!!!!!!!!!

I am 31 yrs old and Charlie is my first baby. When i was in England i was a fitness instructor for several years before becoming police officer in the Met for a year - but don't let that put you off!!!! So becoming a full-time mum and moving to Oz has been quite life changing.( but a bit lonely )

So if anyone is interested in meeting up for coffee , or just e-mailing , then get in touch- i'd love to hear from anybody!!!! smile

wendy, qold coast , mummy to Charlotte 2 and Alex

Hi Wendy

My name is Kate. I live in Esk which is the other side of Ipswich. Just thought i'd say hi. I'm 34. We moved out here from Brisbane 8 months ago and I have found it lonely, we are on a 50 acre property. I also lived in the south of England for 3 1/2 years. Sorry i'm not closer i'd love to meet up for coffee. But can always chat on MSN or email. My baby girl is 10months old and getting into everything. She is adorable though and it is hard to remember life without her.

Better go.

Kate, DH , Cloe - 10/5/05, Hazel - 17/1/08

hi wendy, im 21, i live at nerang only just moved to the gold coast we left freinds and family behind as well.
i have a 16 month old daughter brooklyn and i am 32 weeks preg with our second another little girl...
i was a race photographer (horses) and my partner is a jockey based at the gold coast he travels alot with work so i am always home. i would love to catch up for a coffee...

brooklyn 2 , georgia 6 months

Hi Wendy,
My name is Sara. I moved from Glasgow to the Gold Coast in December with my Aussie husband and baby son who he is nearly 9 months old now.
I love it here but it is a big change and I do miss all my friends.
So if you fancy meeting for a coffee sometime let me know. I'm not that sure where Highland Park is although I do like the sound of it!!
Hi Wendy,

Just thought I would say hi being a pome myself. I live in Brisbane in Forest Lake and have been here for 18 months now. I left the UK nearly 7 years ago and still miss friends and certain things about home. I married a Kiwi and lived in NZ for the few years before we came here, but my mother in law is Australian and was quite unwell so we decided to move to be nearer. What brought you to Aussie land? I have a 13 year old born in the UK, a nearly 4 year old born in NZ and a beautiful baby just over 3 months old born here. My mum and dad were here for 2 months over Christmas and here for when I had my baby. It must have been very hard for you moving when pregnant, I am not sure I could have coped with that, I found it hard enough going through the pregnancy and I had already been here for 5 months then.
I have a great support group here in Forest Lake I am very lucky, it is a group of mum's who meet once a week.
If you want to email me my email addy is: - by the way I am the grand old age of 38!!
Best wishes

Nikki, Brissie, mum of 3,

Hi Wendy,

I live in Highland Park also............. and have a 7 month old little boy Jack.

We certainly live near each other, so send me an email and we can have a chat and then maybe meet up.

Kylie, QLD, son "JACK"

Hi There,

I am a 27 year old mother of a 2 month old baby boy, I have recently moved to carrara on the other side of the highway from highland park. I also am feeling very isolated as most of my family are interstate. I would love to catch up for a coffee anytime you are free. I am in walking distance to the highland park shops, My email is,
Look forward to meeting you!


Kerry,QLD,2mth baby

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