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New too Toowoomba and seeking friends Lock Rss

My name is Kylie and i am 25 years old and new to Toowoomba from Sydney. I am in desperate need of making some friends here as the only person i know is my partner. I have 3 small children and am not currently working. I am interested in joining a mothers group or playgroup or meeting up for coffee.

mummy to Chloe (7), Caleb (4) & Rebekah (2)

Hi! I'm Beckz, mum to Connor (11) and Riley (5). My partner and I (and kiddies) moved to Toowoomba from NZ 3 years ago in May. We are always looking to meet new people! I don't drive at the moment so most of the time I'm stuck at home sadly but would still like to get to know you grin
Hey Beck, Would love to get to know you. Dont know anyone at the moment so its getting a little boring not to mention lonely. Where abouts do your kids go to school? It must be hard for you with no car. Hope to hear from you soon

mummy to Chloe (7), Caleb (4) & Rebekah (2)

Hi Kylie,

I'm Josie, married to Grant and we have two children; Cohen 2 & Sienna 10.5mths old. Would love to get to know you and meet up for the kids to have a play and us to have a coffee. I am also part of an internet mums groups; if you want to join. Otherwise PM and we can meet up sometime if you like.

DS 06, DD 08, #3 EDD 12/10.10

Hi Josie,

That sounds great. I will have a look a the group today. I am available monday and friday at the moment with the little ones as they go to childcare tue - thur but i am always happy to do things without them. If your on msn feel free to add me, my add is [email protected], becks if your on add me as wel if you would like.

mummy to Chloe (7), Caleb (4) & Rebekah (2)

hi, I am Andrea 22 yo mum to Asher 2. We have lived near Toowoomba for almost 2 years. I too am apart of the Toowoomba mums forums, I hope to see you around there.

I know exactly how you feel, we didn't know a single person here in Toowoomba when we first moved over! Its still a bit hard to meet new people since I don't drive but I have met a few lovely people grin
My boys go to Wilsonton. Connor is in year 7 and Riley just started prep. I walk the boys to and from school, its good exercise for me haha. I'm used to not having a car (since I've never had one) but I am going to bite the bullet and get my licence finally haha.
Hey, I forgot to mention I added u to MSN grin
If you ever want to do something when the kids are in daycare I'm nearly always free hehe. I have no kids Monday - friday now so its pretty quiet round here!
I I am Jen.

I have 3 boys and am always looking for new ppl to chat to and meet. I copied your msn addy and will add you i hope that is ok smile

Look forward to chatting and getting to know you




I am Victoria, Mum to Amber almost 8 months.
I am a Pommie and really miss having my friends and family around. I would love to make new friends here so if you would like to meet up I am usually free most days!

Hi everyone, I am looking to get know some more people, I would love some new friends, its really hard to meet people these days smile I am 24, an I have two beautiful lil girls smile
Hey Im Jamie (21 years old),

I live in Toowoomba have done for near 11 years I have 2 beautiful girls Arabellah (4 years 1 month) and Emmelynn (4 months).
I have a partner Liam he works full time Mon-Fri and Arabellah goes to Preschool mon-wed-thurs-fri.

Im looking for new friends as ive lost hope with the old.

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