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Any Young mums from Hervey bay QLD Lock Rss

Hi im a 20 year old mum with an almost 17 month old son. i have lived in hervey bay for almost 2 years. i have a boyfriend he works all week and its very hard to make friends that dont have a baby. So anyone that is around my age please send me your email address.

Hope to here from you soon



hi Emma
i'm 20 too and have 2 boy my first Ashley is 23months and secound Daniel 3months. And i have just moved to tin can bay, and dont know noone. i know what u mean when u say its hard to make friends when u have a baby. my email is i would love to hear from u i get very lonely too. Gorgina
hi emma.
my name is liz i have 4 girls. my 1st girl is 6y, my 2nd girl is 5y, and my 3rd girl is 3 and my 4th girl is 11 months old. i'm in maryborough
i too find it very hard to make friends that dont have a baby.
i'm 24 i may be to old to be u'r friend but i have friends that are 18 they are mummys as well.
i dont live in hervey bay but i do go there as my dad and brother live in urangan and i willining to go to the bay and see u as well.
my email address is

hope to here form u soon.


Liz(♥mumof5girls♥) . I Love my family

Hi Emma,

I used to live in Hervey Bay, pretty much my whole life 24 1/2yrs! Anyway I was in a great mothers group when I was there & still keep in contact with them. If you would like one of their numbers I can phone them in advance & pass you on. Great bunch of girls ageing from around 20 - 40 I think. When I was in the group Ella was the youngest, she is now 12mths, the rest were up to 6mths older than her.


Carlie, Ella & Ky

Hi Emma
My names Melissa. I have recently moved back to Hervey Bay after 2 yrs in Cairns where we had our first baby, Georgia. She is nearly 4 months now and I too don't know any young mums down here. email me if you would like to get in touch.
Hope to chat to you soon.

i use to live in hervey bay im 23 i have 2 step kids a girl 6 years old, boy 5 years old and my daughter 1 year old.

were in hervey bay are you hope we become friends

This is my first posting! I moved to Hervey Bay about 8 months ago so I really don't know very many people yet and would love to meet or talk to other mums. I am 24 and my husband is away alot so I need some adult conversation!! I do go to a playgroup if work permits and it is great but I would like to meet more mums. I am looking for a mother's group, if any one can help me please let me know.

Tanya, Qld & Sienna 14 months

Hi all, my name is Heidi I'm 19 and have a little girl who is just two months old. Have just moved to Hervey Bay from Victoria and wondering if there are any young mums groups here ? I had an awesome one back home and would really like to meet some other mums ! I don't know anyone in Hervey Bay so would be great to meet some new people smile
Well my name is Donavan, i am 26 and i have a 8 several weeks old little boy and reside in Hervey bay. Not so younger but interested about a mom's, team. i do not need, family around. So would like, to meet new people.
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