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Hi all, my names Lynda,im 27, mummy to Lilly 2.5 years and Lachlan 5 months, i am new to yeppoon and would like to meet some other mums in the area!
I would also like to join a mums group or playgroup if anyone has any good suggestions?
thank you and look forward to getting to know other mummies in yeppoon/Rocky!!
Hi there,
We have a really nice group of mums in Rocky who meet up. You can see our thread imaginatively called 'Rocky mums 3'. Most of us also go to a playgroup on Thursdays at the Rocky PCYC.
The age of kids is very similar to most of the kids in our group and we are really welcoming. smile

Hi Lynda!

I'm Wendy, I'm from the rocky mums thread. You are more then welcome to pop into our thread! We have meet ups every Tuesday, either at a park, crazy jokers or at someone house. Like Kris said, some of us also go to playgroup on Thursdays.
Hi Lynda. I just wrote you a nice love msg and then there was an error sad My name is nikki, i am 24 with a 16month old child. I run a few things in Yeppoon and also go to 2 playgroups. My email is if you have facebook as I go on there much more than this. There is also a yeppoon mums group that I have started up on facebook. I'll also send you my number if you ever want to catch up or need to know info on playgroups. I love helping people make friends. I moved here over a year ago and have met so many amazing people.
hi lilly I just moved to mulambin just out of yeppoon if you want to meet up I got two kids 1 & 3years
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