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Hi girls

Just thought i'd start this new thread the other one was getting big and also so we can move on from the last few pages of the old. I realise not everyone wants to be involved.

Okies well we had a pretty good weekend, made hubby move some of the house around AGAIN Lol he was not impressed.

See you all at Amy's on Tuesday.


Thanks Ness! I think it was time to move on

Weekend went really fast! Went to the markets today. And saturday, Peter brought home his new motor, very exciting I know lol!

Well I'll see the swimming chickies tomorrow and everyone else on Tuesday xoxo
ahh new beginnings. so do you all want the pool up? will youse remember to bring togs?

see what its like on the day. I'll still bring his swimmers, just in case

Not sure yet if I will make it. It will be a last minute thing. So i better make the muffins that have been sitting in my cupboard for yonks.

Had a great Saturday...meatworxs didnt work. So it was the fist saturday in a very long time that darren was home. Sunday was crappy-Darren had prac at the hospital, Marcos got into so much mischief and well I didnt feel the best.

Today is another day...Marcos went to day care without a drama. Now ive got to run and pick him up. Apparently he is making me something for my bday(which he thinks is tonight).

Going to plan to get back walking again. Went most days last week, but Thursday i didnt cos of rach and tennis. So this week I aim to walk everyday through the week. 3.5klms approx round the block.

Well better run. If i dont make it tomorrow have fun as always.
Well done Christine smile I have been trying to get back into walking too. Have been managing an hour in the mornings lately, well except yesterday & today sad Alex & I take the dog for a walk by the river before breakfast, he loves the boats.

I won't be there today guys. First off, Alex & I are super sick. Some kind of nasty flu that hit really hard - we were fine Sun morning, by bedtime we were really sick, got up yesterday & bubs got thick yellow snot everywhere & has had a hugely runny nose & temps & generally grumpy. Put him to bed early last night, and then I went to bed at 7.30 with a raging fever. Still feel rotten but have at least had a fair amount of sleep. Being sick is SO not what I need right now!

I also have to pick Warren up from the airport at 9.50, so the timing wouldn't have worked real well. I am going to drop him home & go to Centrelink. Spent yesterday calling them, going to real estates and organising a new bank account. There is just SO much to do! sad I need to find somewhere to rent that I can afford, dumb is this, to rent somewhere, you need evidence of your income..but to apply for single parent payment, I need to move out, catch 22. (you can apply for separated under one roof, but it's really hard to prove!) So I guess Alex & I are squeezing into mum's tiny house, hopefully just for a few days. The big problem is finding a cheap rental - especially with a dog & cat. *sigh sigh*

Then there's all the people who still need to be told. This is all so crazy!

Sorry to ramble, just had to have a whinge lol.
Thank you Mods!

Mandy, I hope you and Alex gets better real soon. You always get sick when you don't need it. If you need a hand to move or anything give me a call. Thats suck about single parent payments. They know how to make things hard. Cross fingers you find a place to stay!

Well better go! I've got banana cookies to make yet. I'll see everyone soon
Hey Mandy-walking makes me feel so much better and I destress.

Hopefully centrelink can help you with something. It is a catch 22. But I guess even if you have to shift in with your mum for a few weeks then get somewhere. You can use your family tax benefit as income too. obviously you will need parenting payment aswell. Rents are rediculous too. We have been starting to look around as we plan to move in November/December. Good luck and hopefully everything falls into place for you. If you need a hand with shifting anything or packing or an ear. I have my hand up.

Obviously I didnt make it today. Aiden decided last night to chuck everywhere in his cot as I was putting him to bed. Then decided that at 2.00am he didnt need anymore sleep. SO I was up and down putting his dummy back in. He thinks at 8 months he should be standing up in his cot when he is supposed to be sleeping. Took me til 4am to get him to actually close his eyes. Then marcos woke up crying cos his face was hurting.

Thankfully Aiden must of just ate way to much for tea and with his bedtime bottle on top and his reflux it kind of come back up. I was so worried he had a stomach bug.

Hey girls,

New thread. Good to see.

Christine - Sorry to hear about all that you and your boys not well. I hope you all get well soon.

Wendy - I'm still good for the next 2 tuesdays for meets, except I'm working next tuesday at 2.30pm. But I'm still up for the meet.

chat soon

Mandy - i think i know someone with a private rental for about 190 i thinks it is ill just check with the person if its still for rent...

Hi Ladies

Just thought i'd pop in and let you all know that tickets for the Fairies are on sale now incase anyones kids like them Logan used to watch them all the time on austar. There is a 10am (internet says 11am) and a 1pm session and it goes for 1hr. Connie and i got Row L so the kids can dance infront of our seats Lol at the 1pm session. $22.50 a tickets for all ages over 1yr.



Ness, we would love to go to the fairies but I really don't think Jamie would like them. If it had of been Thomas, we would be there in a flash lol! And besides, he's going to the wiggles again lol!

On the 27th of this month, out at the Heritage Village, there is a Children's Springtime Festival on. Starts at 9.30am and goes to 3pm. There is heaps of free activities, a baby show, rides, stalls, a Guiness world records attempt for jelly eaten with chopsticks (sounds interesting) and heaps of demos and displays throughout the day. Its a gold coin entry. I got a leaflet from daycare this morning. It sounds like a really fun morning. Thought I'd let everyone know!

Well any ideas for next week??

Well I better go! I'll see whoever tomorrow at playgroup or at Saff's bday party! xoxo
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