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Hi There,

Just wondering if there's any Hervey Bay mums in here that might be interested in meeting up in the future??
My husband and I would love to get to know some parents with young children in the area.

Hope I get some replies smile


My husband (32), myself (30) and 10 month old DS are actually moving to Hervey Bay in 6 weeks!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping to find someone frmo Hervey Bay on these forums. We are so excited and can't wait. We live in Tasmania at the moment and have been here for three years, but since we had DS, we want to be closer to family. Hubbys parents live in Childers and mine live on the Gold Coast. What do you think of Hervey Bay? How long have you lived there?

Hi i live in maryborough, used to be in hervey bay. im 27 (nearly 28) and i have a 3 1/2 year old and 2 year old daughters. Hervey Bay is great u will love it there!

Kris, QLD, Amber 2, Keira 1

Hi! Thanks for replying smile

Oooh! How long to go now? Childers isn't too far away at all and it's a very nice drive there. I have lived in the Bay for 18 years now. I love it here, it's getting quite busy with everyone moving from the big cities to the more relaxed life style we have here but I'm sure you'll love it. Esepcially the beach, it's beautiful

AFM - I'm 22, DH is 24 and we have two beautiful bubbly little boys, Jaydee 3 and Seth 7 months soon. We're hoping to have another one in a few years which will complete our little family. Umm what else? Both DH's and my family (except a couple of siblings) live in the Bay but we don't know too many families with younger children our boys can play with and meet. That's why I've come online to find anyone, doesn't seem to be too many Hervey Bayers or Maryboroughians on here LOL.

[Edited on 23/11/2009]
Hi there, thanks for your reply too!

How hot has it been!! You guys are probably coping the heat more than us but it's quite scary knowing it's not even officialy summer yet!

I wrote my details in my previous post. I'm abit younger than use but that really doesnt bother me at all. I might be only 22 but I don't really act 22 if that makes sense. I grew up the day they placed my first born son in my hands and said congrats smile

Talk soon! I'll check on here more often now LOL!
[Edited on 23/11/2009]
Oh my god, the heat has been driving me crazy! And my 3 year old has this rash on her tummy which i think is from the heat, cos it flares up when she runs around.
Age doesnt matter between friends! I seem to get along better with younger people (maybe im still immature lol)

chat soon, Kris smile

Kris, QLD, Amber 2, Keira 1

Same here, I'm not a big fan of summer...I'd much prefer the cooler months. My youngest boy has a nasty heat rash on his neck that has got pretty bad lately. We got some cream for it which worked a treat at first but doesn't seem to be working no more, nothing is! Makes me wonder if it is a heat rash.

LOL! We all can be a little immature now and then ... we have to be! Otherwise what would life be like?!

Can you believe it's just under 4 weeks to go until Xmas! Arrgh!!
Hi girls,

sorry haven't been on for a while...packing is driving me crazy!!! Anyway, we leave in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! But, won't get to Hervey Bay until mid-january. My sister gets married in Byron Bay next SAturday (12th Dec) and then spend DS 1st birthday on Gold Coast with my family, then shoot up to CHilders for Chrissy with DH's family, then back to Goldie for New Years with friends and then fnally back to CHilders to start house hunting. Will rent for a while and then look at buying. We really like DUndowran Beach, but don't think we could afford it. Point Vernon is also nice, but probably look at Urangan, as its close to everything. Then again, Toogoom is nice as it is out of town and quieter. What do you guys think???


I live in brisbane and me and my husband are thinking of moving to Hervey Bay.
Not sure how to do it though...
Im studying hairdressing and my husband is a storeman.
I have heard that there is not many jobs up there?
I would love to be able to have a chat to people that live up there already to get more of an idea about it

Thanks heaps!


Hi there,

we have just recently moved to Hervey Bay and do far, we love it! I work full time and my husband stays home and looks after DS (14 months old) while he is studying. I am not sure about work here, in terms of how hard it is to find work. We came for a visit for a little while to check it out here first and were obviously pretty happy. There are actually quite a lot of younger couples here, so I think the scene is changing a bot from a place where retirees come to retire! Anyway, good luck with the decision.

Hi my name is Fiona ( fee ) i have a 3 1/2 yr old son and an 8month old girl. there is so much for you to do here in the Bay with the little ones from kindygym to playgroups pretty much everyday of the week i highly recommend them and you will meet some lovely people. Let me know when you move to hervey bay and could possible catch up.i would love to meet some new people i am 27 and hubby is 33 so it would be great.
cheers Fee
Thank you both for your reply! Sounds like a great place to be! I will have to organise a holiday up there soon! Im due for my 2nd bub in 8 weeks so i might have to make it after that. Im so excited about the thought of getting away from brisbane but know it wont happen for a while sad

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