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Moving to Toowoomba Lock Rss

Hi everyone...been on huggies for awhile and my family are planning to move to Toowoomba A.S.A.P. (just waiting to hear back from jobs) I lived there twice when I was younger and was just wanting some info ie. good suburbs, schools etc.

My oldest starts Prep in the new year and we have a 21 month old as well.

Hello. My name is Andrea, we live a bit west of Toowoomba. I'm not help with schools and areas, but when you do move, I'm part of a mums group if you are interested in getting out and going to some meet, and meeting some other mums and children.

Hope someone can help you with schools and suburbs. Good luck with the jobs and the move.

Hi i know this reply is a little late, but, i live in south toowoomba and it seems to be pretty quiet. I have a little boy 28 months and little girl 5 months. We were thinking of sending our DS to Toowoomba Prep... very expensive though! Toowoomba has lots of great schools! Hope your move was stress free.
[Edited on 02/12/2009]
Hi, my name is Belinda and im interested in meeting up with a mums group in the Toowoomba area could you be of any help???, I have a 28 month old boy and 5 month old girl.

for the sack of my own sanity!!!! smile
Hello, I know this is a late reply. But I live in Rangeville, and find it lovely and quiet. My boys arn't old enough for school just yet but we are thinking either Prep or Grammar, they both have good reputations.

My oldest little boy just turned 2, and I also have a 3 month old.
I am interested in a play date in the Toowoomba area. Even if its just a play at the park??
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