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Hi, My name is Janet. We have a twelve year old and two year old triplets. I would love to hear from anyone with high order multples. It can be a lonely world, when no one understands your life with multiples.


Hi Janet,

You will find a post on mulitpule births (twins and more) under Home > Communities > Personal Messages .

My name is Leanne and I have twin boys 11 mths old. Where is QLD do you live? my email is [email protected] if you wish to chat.

Hope this helps,

Lee, twins + 1= 3 boys

aithought i would be younger than you it seems we have some things in common hope age dont get in the way.
My names Kate I'm a 23 year old mother of 5, yes 5 my oldest is my son Tate 5 years then Daymon 4, Dasan 2, Marley and Porsha lily my 1 year old twins. I'd love to here from you love

kate,qld,twins & three more

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