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So I was just playing around on here and read a comment and it got me thinking... Why do we feel that we need to explain why we formula feed our babies or breast feed our babies to other people?
Is it that ingrained into our subconscious that we know people are judging us anyway so we automatically feel the need to explain our choices?
I mean if you ff your baby your seen as just giving up and if you breast feed your slightly older baby people think that's wrong too, so I mean how do we win and why can't we make choices for our children without having the urge to explain to others?

Okay so my thought/rant is over lol so no need to reply smile
I think it is because society has formed in a way we feel both ways are wrong in their own ways.

As mothers we are constantly told breast is best yet get looked down upon for breastfeeding and "exposing ourselves" in public. Yet if we move on to FF our bubs we get told we are not doing what is best for our babies. Even if these things are said straight to us they are implied by simple things such as not allowing babies formula to be advertised and the drama with wanting to make all formula prescription only.

Even if in our own minds we know we have done what is right for us and our children the rest of the world looks on and just sees what they what. Maybe the explaining ourselves is a way to show the world we haven't just chosen the easiest option but instead what is best for the situation. Or maybe we feel the need to explain to show other mothers that people make the choice to BF or FF for many different reasons and whatever the reason and choice you make it is okay to do so.
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