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My husband is going to be a fully quilified chef at the end of the year and we are thinking of relocating our little family (us and two sons currently aged 4years and 1year) to Cairns.

I havent been there for quite a number of years and of course at some stage we will travel there(currently live in NSW) to check a few things out and familiarise ourselves abit but can anyone point me in the right direction as to what areas are good for young families? my eldest son will start school in 2014 so would like to be near a school for him as well as near a preschool for him to start off in.

Id appreciate any information that you can give me to help us with our new year adventure.


Kathleen smile

hey im Annie ive lived in cairns for about 2 in half years its real nice up here i have an 3 yr old and a 8 month old would love to chat and hopefully be friends with you i know how hard it can be to make friends especially when you don't know anybody
Hi Annie,

Thanks heaps for your reply i was starting to wonder if anyone would reply lol

Yes, thats one of the reasons why it has taking me so long to take the plunge and just move away.

Im currently on the Central Coast of NSW and will be leaving all of our friends and family behind so we can have an adventure and a change and hopefully all works out so that we can settle before my eldest son starts school.

Where abouts do you live? are you happy there and is it close to all things kids and family (schools, parks etc)?

I havent been to Cairns for such a long time and my hubby has never been so we are really taking a chance in a place we know very little about.

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

My personal email address is if you'd prefer to chat privately.

Take care

Kathleen smile
Hi Kathleen,
Weve just recently, 13mths ago, taken the plunge from nth nsw to move up here with our kids, aged 7 and 9.
I had lived up here almost 10 years ago, so moving back with kids was a huge thing!

Ive lived in both the northern beaches area, and am currently in south cairns in Bentley Park.
My husband works as a chef up here also.

This area right now suits us to a tee.
We are a couple of minutes walk to a small shopping complex which has everything we need, iga, qld transport, pizza hut, newsagent, takeaway, bakery, hairdresser, sushi boy, thai takeaway, laundromat, bottleo and butcher!
We are also close to subway, a hardware store, a servo and a pizza takeaway much fast food!!!

Its about a 5 minute walk to the furthest daycare centre, there are 3 right near us and i used one last year for my kids while working!
The school takes about a 5minute or less walk also.

We are extremely happy with the school and this area.
Just wish our place was bigger haha

Hope this helps smile
Feel free to contact me for chats etc, its damn hard making friends.
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