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Sunshine Coast bubs born 2012 Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

I am 25, with a son born March 2012, now 6 months old.
We would love to meet up with other mums and bubs of similar ages. We live in Currimundi on the Sunshine Coast.
Hope to meet some friendly faces, particularly as my husband works away and all my friends live in Brisbane!

Heya I would be keen to catch up sometime I have a 7 month old boy too and also looking for some little play mates for him smile and my partner works away also smile
Great!! Whereabouts do you live?
We could meet at the park or beach sometime... smile
Yeah beach or park sounds great :)I'm down beerwah way but always up the coast where abouts are you and what days suit u best smile
Sorry for the late reply!
We are at Currimundi. If you're free, would you like to meet at Currimundi lake sometime this week - maybe Monday or Thursday?
Heya that's ok I always forget that I've posted on here smile would love to do currimundi but I'm abit busy this week as I have to get everything for my 3 year old birthday party but the week after I'm free what time suits you smile

Hey Freshbubby you should join us if you like I also have a almost 3 year old boy too my partner works away also so can understand how it gets abit lonely at times smile
Hello, Im Kristy and im 25. My kids are a bit older. My daughter is 3 and my son is 1 next week. I live in Currimundi aswell though so would love to have a playdate. smile
Great! The more the merrier!
Does sometime next Monday suit? If not, we could do Tues arvo - I'm taking Paddy to 'little musos' class Tues mornings.
We have to go to Brisbane later in the week so hopefully either Mon/Tues suit you all!
Look forward to meet you & your bubs/kiddies!
Sorry Ive already got plans Monday and Tuesday sad Are you free Wednesday?
Hubby comes home Wednesday smile- have to pick him up from the airport in Bris.
What about the week after? (starting Mon 15th)
Sorry I was talking about next week lol. So im busy 15th, 16th. What day suits you then? x
Sorry I'm getting my weeks confused! I should have said the week starting Mon 21! Are you free then?
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