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Would love to meet mums in and around Fig Tree Pocket Lock Rss


I have a 12 month old girl and have recently moved to Brissy from NSW. I am nearly 27 years (already!)

I would love to meet or chat to local mums, have a good gas bag over a coffee, and fee more normal listening to other little people antics.



Hi Kathy,

I'm a new Mum living in Centenary Suburbs. My little girl Briana is nearly six weeks and I am 27 years.

Would love to catch up and meet some other Mums around my age as some of my friends have either school age children or have not yet had babies.

Have you met many other Mums, if so, where have you been meeting?

Hope to hear from you soon, Belinda

New Mum, Centenary Suburbs

Hi there!

Congratualtions on your newest addition to your family. You all must be thrilled.

I would love to have a coffee with you next time you are around. Funny I can often be found lurking indro shopping centre too,

My email address is I would love to hear from you, I can understand you are a very busy little beaver at the moment so when ever you are free (as free as you could possibly be) or feel like a chat is fine with me.

Thanks for your reply,



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