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Wanting to organise a get together in Toowoomba Lock Rss

Hi all
Seeing it has been awhile since we all met & there are a few new mums & babies in the area I thought I would bite the bullet & get the ball rolling in regards to another meet. I know whatever date, time, place that is chosen won't suit everyone but I am willing to give it a go & see what happens so I need replies as to what day, date, time & place suits everyone so at least it can begin.
For me Thurs or Fri suits & I am easy with the time, as for the place seeing it is quite chilly now we probably need an indoor venue unless it is a nice day & we can go to a park but how hard is it to predict the weather. Looking at when maybe towards the end of June to give us time or early July.
I don't want to sound bossy or be in control but there seems to be lots of Twba messages floating about so I thought a central one where we can all look at & reply to so everyone gets included & no one gets missed.
Hope this is welcomed by all & we all get to catch up & show our beautiful babies/toddlers off.

Kristy, QLD, 4yr old Olivia & 4mth old Charlotte

Hi Kristy,

Like I have said before I am keen to meet up. My available days are probably Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Tuesdays both my kiddies are at preschool and childcare. If I can get to any plannned meet ups I will definately do my best. Myself and 3 other mums had a spur of the moment, very last munite get together at Scallywags this morning and it was great. I know Scallywags is probably an expensive option for a meeting place, but if we only do it occassionally I don't think it is so bad. I am one of the mum's who has to pay for 2 children and am prepared to do that if we have a meet up there. I just need 24 hours notice really and I can be there. If nobody else is interested I'd still meet up with you Kristy, but I am sure there are other mums too... I think we just need someone to be assertive and pick a date.... do you want to pick a date Kristy? I'd been keen for a meet up next week or the week after if people need more time.

I really look forward to catching up with everybody soon... lets pick a date and get the ball rolling!


P.S. Oh, Kristy... you are sooooooo bossy! tongue LOL
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