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walking in atherton anyone? Lock Rss

Hey i am 23 and have 12 month old, we love to go for walks in the pram but it gets a bit lonely and i am looking for anyone interested in walking anytime with us, maybe go to a park and let the kids play?
[email protected]

Hannah 5/6/05 and Patrick 12/6/07

Hi Kristal,

Not sure if you found any walking buddies yet or not? I live 40 mins from Atherton, but we are always in there for shopping and visiting my mum. My daughter (3) loves the parks, so if you want to meet up one day, let me know?

I'll add you to my msn, and if you want to accept it, we can chat then!


Karen, FNQ, Danika (May 03), Jarrad ( Feb 06), Ama

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