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Toowoomba get togethers!!! Lock Rss

Hi to all you Toowoomba mums!

I've just been thinking about making Toowoomba get togethers a more regular thing. I was thinking that we could set a week every month and a different day each month. Just to make it fair to everyone. So maybe we could make it the 3rd week of every month and starting next month it will be on the monday. So then in August it will be Tuesday, September on Wednesday. Does this make sense?

This way kids who are in daycare, and mums who are busy won't have to miss out every time!!

For winter Scallywags is probably the best option and when it starts to warm up again we can use parks instead.

Just a thought!
Let me know what you all think!!


Caree & Xanthi, 2 1/2 already!

Sounds like a good idea as it is hard to choose a day/time that suits everyone & this might make things easier if its set each month & then know if we can't come to one there is always the following month to attend.

Kristy, QLD, 4yr old Olivia & 4mth old Charlotte

Hey Caree,

I think that's a great idea too! smile

I'm looking forward to catching up with all the mums who can make it to this Friday's meet up at Scallywags at 10am... and then I guess we can take it from there. I like the idea of it being on different days of the week and making it fair for everyone! The last few meets have been on a day when my daughter has been at preschool and she has missed out on playing with the other kids... so hopefully soon it will fall on a day when both my kiddies are free to come along too. But I'll even tag along if both my kiddies are at "school"

I also like the idea of Scallywags for winter and the local parks for summer... maybe even, some of us mums could play host if Scallywags becomes too expensive an option for everyone? Just throwing out another idea... wink

Whatever works for the majority is cool with me 8)

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