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Hi I live on the Gold Coast close to Aust.Fair and hoping to meet a few gals who wish to meet for lunch/dinner so we can all get together, have a few laughs and chats. I'm 32 y.o., a Mum to a 2.5 y.o. little darling girl, and happily in love with my husband! Moved to GC about 4.5 years ago now and left all my friends behind!! sad!! So, I'm wanting to meet some new gals, to go out with from time to time, have a social life!! Anyone interested?

Lane, gold coast, 2.5 year old daughter

Hi lane,
I'm Jean, my husband and i have a 13month baby girl who is the light of our life. My husband has grown up on the coast but i'm from Melb so i don't have any grilfriends up here, love to chat - you can email me on ~ [email protected]
HI Lane and Jean

I'm Renata and My partner and I live on the gold coast I have lived here my whole life but all my friends don't have children and work full time, so I am in the same position as the both of you. I'd love to catch up with you both for a drink/lunch dinner and some girly chat. This message was posted in december so hopefully you are still checking for replies. My email is [email protected] Hope to here from you soon.


Renata,QLD, Madison 10 mths

I forgot to mention that I have a 10 month old daughter named Madison.

Renata,QLD, Madison 10 mths

Hi Lane and others,
I'm Michelle and I have just moved to the GCoast from Brisbane. I'm 26yrs old and my husband has just started a business here. I am home with the baby and need some new mates!!
I am particularly looking for mums with young kids, to get together and have some fun. Am also interested in a playgroup? I love to go for coffee/lunch and we really enjoy the beach.
Please email me at [email protected]
This is the first time I have visited this site, so am not too sure what I'm doing!

Michelle, GCoast QLD, 20mth boy

Hi, Another local here. My partner and I live on the Gold Coast too. We have a beautiful 10.5 month baby girl . Im 36........ Young! LOL Would love to meet up with some locals .

you can email me on
[email protected]
Lesa x

Gold Coast 5mth old Baby Girl

Hi, I am in Labrador and am a single parent of a 3yr old boy. I am originally from NZ and have been in Oz over 2 yrs and don't know many people. I would love to try and get a life!

Leanne, Qld, toddler

Hi Michelle

I have a three-month-old son, am 25-years-old and none of my friends have children. While it is a fantastic time of my life it is nice to share it all with others. My sister-in-law has a son two months older than mine but we don't always get chance to catch up and I would love to meet other mums.

Bec, Gold Coast

hey leanne,

my name is yvette im 23 and have a lil boy 14months i also live in labrador. would love to chat my email is [email protected]
Hi girls
We have only been on the coast about 14months. We are slowly meeting people but would love to meet others. We have 5 kids aged from 23 to 7 months between us. The eldest belongs to my partner, the middle 3 are mine and junior is ours lol. I am 35 on Monday and my other half is 43. If anyone want to say hi [email protected]

Di, 6 kids. 17,15,12,18 months, 8 wk old twins

Hi there Lane and Di. I would love to catch up sometime. I am a 28 year old mum to a 2 year old boy I have pretty much grown up on the Gold Coast so I know the area pretty well went to primary , and highschool here, had a baby here on the gold coast and got married on the gold coast.I love living on the coast. Let me know if you organise a get together and I will be there. Cheers from Danni
Hi all

How about a meet up on Tuesday. PM if you would like yo come and we will set down a time and a place

Di, 6 kids. 17,15,12,18 months, 8 wk old twins

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