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I have a 7month old daughter and would love to meet any mums in the Ipswich/Rosewood area for coffee & chat.

Sonia,QLD,mummy to Laura 15/7/04

Hi Sonia! I'm at Plainland. We have 2 boys. A 2 year old and a 16 week old. I grew up in Ipswich. Hope to chat to you soon.

Love Bec x

Rebecca, QLD, mummy to 2 boys

Hi Bec!

Thanks for your reply, hopefully we may be able to get a group of mums together out this way & catch up. I love that area at Plainland, & I heard the pub's pretty good too! Would love to hear more about your boys.


Sonia,QLD,mummy to Laura 15/7/04

Hi there! I'm just new to this area the chat area of course and i have lived at Ipswich for the past 10 years a suburb called Raceview and would really like to have a chat and meet other mums but it is very hard for me to do so as i do not have a car. I have 2 children named Shannon who is 6 years old in October and Blake who just turned one. I would really like to meet up some day and have a chat and coffee and to be able to meet other mums at the same time.


hi my name is johanne i live in plainalnd about 20 mins a way from there love to meet up and caht or have coffe e


[email protected] plainland qld


My name is rebecca I am tuning 21 and my daughter's name is Tiana and she is 6 months and 3weeks old all i do is sit at home and i would love to get out and meet new people and start exercising as well. If you would like to meet up just reply and we will.

Thanks and looking forward to meeting you all

Bec and Tiana take care xoxo

Hi Sonia

I have a 16 month old daughter and have recently moved to the Thagoona area which is only a couple of minutes away from Rosewood.

If you'd like to have a chat please let me know!


Alicia QLD Mum of one Princess & two Princes

Hi Alicia,

I have a little boy who is 15 months old, I also live in Thagoona and have been here for about 3 years now. I'd love to have a chat and talk about our little ones seeing as though they are around the same age.

Here is my email if you want to chat: [email protected]


Beautiful boy born 11 Jan 2006

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