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Wishing to broaden my horizons Lock Rss

Hi guys,

Just looking to meet a few new mums. We have one little cherub. Jackson has just turned one. Standing up by himself. Just starting to walk. Took 6 steps yesterday. We live on the Gold Coast. Runaway Bay area. Anyone want to chat or catch up for coffee....

[email protected]

Cindy, Gold Coast

Hi! I live in Toowoomba and have 2 children! Isn't it great seeing them take their first steps! My son took his first steps at 9 months, early I know and didn't I pay for it, into everything!! He starts Kindy in January and will miss him so much...they grow up so fast!! Feel like chatting, I'm all ears!!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi Nadine, thanks for replying. Can't imagine having a child start walking at 9 months, although, I must admit it will be nice when Jackson is walking properly. I won't have to worry about what he is crawling in. And dad is hanging out to kick a footy with his boy. When did you start with the old toilet training? Was it easy? I know they say between 2&3 years. My sister said her oldest was done at 12 months. Hard work but she perservered. How is it going with two little ones? I have a friend who is due in 4 weeks with her second one. She is getting a wee bit nervous at the thought of two little ones. Mind you the age gap will be 15 months. Rather her than me. Hubby (Duncan) and I are trying for our second. A little girl, hopefully. Duncan wanted a girl first time round but now that he has his little mate he wants another little mate. I suppose it doesn't really matter as long as they are healthy as they say. There seems to be a lot of mums up your way looking for friends. You should organise a playgroup. Best thing I ever did. We meet once a week. Been doing that since Jackson was 4 months. It's really good now that the babes are older. They are starting to interact and their personalities are starting to show. Had a few fights already but that's life. Wait to the terrible twos really kick in!!!! Better go now. Lots to do. Have a great Christmas if I don't speak to you again before then.

Cindy, Gold Coast

HI Cindy

I have a daughter madison who is 91/2 months old she is standing but not walking yet. Madison, Myself (renata) and James my partner live on the Gold Coast in Miami. I would like to meet other mothers on the Gold Coast who have children close to Madison's age if you would lke to catch up let me know.

My email address is [email protected]

Renata,QLD, Madison 10 mths

Hi Cindy,

I also have a 12mth old boy who is standing and walking occasionally. The most steps he has taken so far is 5. It's very exciting isn't it? We live in the Ipswich area and we don't get down to the coast as much as I would like to. Does your little boy get into everything? Mine does and most of my friends have girls and they hardly get into anything and sometimes I feel as though I have the feral child of the group. Although the few people that I do know with boys assure me that he is normal and most boys are the same. You can get me at [email protected] if you would like to chat



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