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South Burnett Mummies? Lock Rss

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if there any mum's out there that are from around the south burnett? I'm 22 and have an almost 4 month old DS. Would love to chat to anyone who is around my area (I'm actually in Kingaroy) who has littlies that are around his age (older or younger are also welcome).

Would love to hear from anyone around my area.

Hi Megan, i dont live in Kingaroy but not far from it. I have a 10 month old son. And i am shhhhh 30!! Dont like the sound of 30 but anyways its only a number!! Talk soon and take care now

Net, QLD

Hi Megan,

I also live in Kingaroy, 26 year old married mummy to a 2 year old girl.

Feel free to contact me, would love to get to know some more people from this region smile I also run a parenting forum if you are interested in joining - - always looking for more locals smile



Hi there!!
We've just recently moved to Gayndah, so we are on the wide bay burnett area. I am 20 and married with a nearly 2 year old son (George) and 4 month old (Charlie). Would love to hear from other mums in this area too!

[Edited on 26/04/2007]

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