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Hi, I would love to chat with other Mums with twins. I have a boy and a girl, Brayden and Hayley, who were born on the 14 July 2003. I am 20 yrs old, and my partner is 26. I would be interested to find out how other Mums cope, cause it is tough.

Hope to here form you soon

hi, i'm Tanya mum to Rickson born 17January,2001 & twins Julian & Jamison born 29 March 2003.
i'm 22 yrs & Haydn is 27 yrs this is my first time on a forum but i know how you feel having twins the cleaning, nappies & feeding never seem to end & i wish i had a bed time too. all that said they're beautiful and i wouldn't change anything. jamison was 7lb 2onc resusitated after birth and has been healthy since, crawls around getting to everything and has just learnt to stand. julian was 5lb 8onc healthy at birth but couldn't hold his temperature for about 6 weeks & didn't really wake up on his own for the first 8 weeks and from 3 weeks to 5mths was constipated once a week without fail because of the 2/3 bottles of formula they had each week until we tried heinz nurture which is $7 cheaper and when rickson brought a cold home from childcare they all got it but julians would be 3 times worse but he seems well now and is just starting to crawl and sit up with support.
anyway i would love to chat with other twin mums too so feel free to email me [email protected]

Tanya, had 3 boys under 26 months

Hello ladies,

My girls are 6 months old, Elysia and Adele. They were 9 weeks prem, and are sleeping at the moment but about to wake up for their feeds.

This is my break that I don't get very often. As you would all understand.

I would also like to chat with other mothers of twins.
Hi other Mums of Twins, I have boy-girl twins aged 13 months, Anastasia and Addison, they weighed 7lb7oz and 7lb5oz when they were born and are over 10kg now! They have been walking since 10.5 months and are very adventurous and love being outdoors.

It has certainly been an amazing ride getting this far, but I've got to say that everyday has been worth it and I'd definitely do it all again.

bye for now

Hi everyone,
My name is Sherrie and i have twin girls born on the 4th of march 2005, weighing in at 5 pound 1 and 6 pound 3. I also have another son aged 2 and very demanding. If anyone want to chat my email is [email protected]

sherrie/qld/2 year old boy/ 11 month old twin girl

Hi everyone,

My name is Bernie, I'm 24 and I live with my partner who is 27. I have twin boys 2.5years, born on the 12/03/03 weighing in at 5pound 10 and 5pound 15. They were born at 37 weeks, natural labour, natural delivery.

Would love to speak with other mums, willing to share joy and grief of parenting.

email - [email protected]

Bernie, QLD, 2.5year twin boys

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