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Hi, my name is Amanda, I am 25 and have two boys, Jesse is 4 and Nicky is almost 2. I am also pregnant, and due in September. My partner and I are moving to Hervey Bay end of July, and are looking for some mums to talk to about the area. My main questions are:
*Anything about daycare centres.
*What schools should I consider sending my son to next year?
*And what kind of activities for children are there? Sports, swimming etc?

Thanks for looking, I have messenger also, which is

Bye ladies!
Hi Amanda
I'm in Hervey Bay and have a 3 year old daughter.
There are heaps of sports for kids here, and plenty of daycare/ kindy centres. If you look up Hervey Bay on the web, it will have a list of schools and kindys etc.. Kawungan and pialba and torquay are supposed to be good primary schools.


Mum to Brooke 23.2 weeks, 450 grams now 3.5 yrs

Hi Amanda,

I lived in H'Bay for 24yrs, but for the past yr & a bit I've been elsewhere.

There are quite a lot of daycares & schools, so it may depend on which area you guys will be living. When I was there, there wasn't any particular school that stood out as being 'the best' or 'worst', which is great. I went to Pialba primary & that was a terrific school. If you're after a private school, I probably would recommend Fraser Coast Anglican College. As for daycares, I heard the ABC on Boat Harbour Drive Urangan was quite good, its only a few years old now.

There are loads of activites/sports for kids. Contact the PCYC on O'Rourke st behind Boat Harbour Dve at Pialba for the indoor stuff (basketball, netball, soccer etc) 4124 5211. Outdoor stuff, most of it is located on Tavistock st at Torquay, right near the aquatic centre. Theres also skating at Newhaven Gym Urangan.

With a new bub on the way, you might like to get in contact with the Health Nurse across the rd from Woolworths at Pialba. They can set you up in a mothers group once you've had the bub, great if you don't know anyone & want to make friends. The H'Bay hospital delivered my first child, & they were great. The hospital is lovely. Don't hesitate chasing up your midwifes in your stay at the hospital, they get really busy there & sometimes forget you!! That's if you're having your bub there though.

Its a great little city & I hope you settle in ok. I'm sure you'll get great use out of the beach, there's no surf so its great for the littlies. Shelley Beach was my fav as it wasn't crowed with people. Torquay beach was the next best, but that's where alot of people go.

Anyway, if you want to ask anymore questions you can contact me on if you like.


Carlie, Ella & Ky

Hi girls.
My name is liz,I am 25and have 5 wounderfull girls.
Michelle is 7y, Markita is 6y, Skye is 4y, Ashley will be
2 next month and Ella is only 3weeks and 2 days old.
I don't live in the bay,( i live in marybrough but i would
love to meet up with all you girls smile.
my addy is
Hope to get to konw you girls soon grin.

take care.

Liz(♥mumof5girls♥) . I Love my family

HI amanda,

I moved to Hervey bay just over a year ago and after a little home sickness and being pregnant, the place has grown on me. The best thing i found was how many other people have moved here and are in the same boat!

I had my bub at hervey bay hospital last September (06) which can be one of thier busiest times but i was highly impressed with the midwives and nurses. I am a first time mum and stayed 5 days and recieved heaps of help and friendly chats to boost my confidence.

I have heard that the star of the sea (catholic) primary school is really sweet and has a strong curriculum....if that helps. Also Xavier College had opened up and everything is new and also developing well. They do prep to year 12. Torquay primary is a smaller primary school too. So that may be an option???

hope this helps

Serena QLD

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