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Hiya to all the Mackay Mums out there!

Our previous thread seems to have got lost in the move to this new forum so I thought I'd start a new one.
Hope you guys know who I am as I've changed my user name - just think bubba Ryan who is not a baby anymore sad.

Hope to chat soon so we can organise a catch up.


DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

hello kellie, i thought the same thing i have been looking for the old one and it never popped up.
how are things treating you, i am feeling heaps better now which is good i can astually start to get excited.
so how is ryan, running around yet. we have to organise a catch up soon. thursday or friday would be great for me and bub this week not sure about next week yet, got no memory hehe.
anyways let me now what you think it would be nice to catch up.
Hey Shani,
That is great news your starting to feel better & getting excited - have you got a belly yet?
Ryan is definately running around, non stop!!! You won't recognise him as since you seen him last he has turned into a right little boy.
I won't be able to meet up this week, & it's Thursday already so probably too late to organise anything anyway. Let me know what your up to over the next few weeks so we can catch up. Only times I can't make it are; Tuesday mornings, Thursday mornings & Fridays. Difficult aren't I!
Well let me know & look forward to chatting soon.
kelly xxx

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

hello, it is great to hear ryan is getting around. they grow up so much as soon as they start walking hey. trey is talking and just so grown up now, there is no baby there anymore.
i have a belly, it is weird i have had a belly from about 8 weeks, but i havent gained any weight it is just all the fluid and since my belly is already stretched from trey it just expands, i have noticed over the weekend it starting to harden up which is nice.
anyways how abouta catch up on monday morning. i am pretty easy to go anywhere so if you have any suggestions they would be great.
chat soon
I won't be able to make this Monday as it's a public holiday & DP has got me down for trades assistant to help with the reno's (will they ever end??? or is that a silly question).
How does Friday morning fit in with you?
Anyways let me know.
A suggestion on where we could meet is maybe out at the old harbour park? I haven't been out there for awhile & at least it is shaded.
chat soon

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

Hi all i'm a newbie......
Hi Kelly it's Claire here thanks heaps for your reply i accidently hit the "new post" not reply so i created a new topic out there ha ha i hate computers how embarassing!Anyway my hubby Anthony and i moved out to Glenden a year ago it is 200km's west of you guys.He is a diesel fitter out here at Newlands Coal and we live in a mining house with subsidised rent which is why were out here trying to save like crazy.Your little boy sounds lovely must keep you busy!My pregnancy is great thanks for asking i'm 24 weeks on Monday and due on the 27th of August were expecting a little boy i can't wait to meet him.I would love to meet you gals for a coffee sometime maybe end of may? Cheers Claire.


I think friday morning sounds good, just name a time and i will be there. the old harbour park sounds good to, havent been in a while and gives plenty of space for the boys to run
claire it would be nice to meet, just let us now when you are comming into town so we can organise something.
ok has to be short and sweet bub needs some afternoon tea. see you friday
Hi Shani,
Friday sounds great - just hope the it doesn't rain on us!
How about 10am? Just meet somewhere near the swings in the old harbour park area. If it's raining we can meet up at Ants Cafe across the road.
Have you heard from Michelle lately? Be good to catch up with her too if she isn't working. I'll let Jud know the plan also as I don't think she has ventured onto the new site yet.
Claire let us know when your coming into town as I am sure we would all love to meet up with you!
Chat soon,

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

10 sounds good, michelle sent me a email a couple of days ago i will let her now we are meeting up and see if she is busy.
it would be nice to catch up with jud aswell. ok catch you than
Hi Shani,

I hope you read this before tomorrow morning!!!
I won't be able to make the meet up out at the harbour - have just found out we have visitors coming to stay overnight & they will be here around 10:30am tomorrow. Sorry for the short notice, we will have to organise another time as I was really looking forward to catching up. Let me know when suits you (I'm out Wednesday next week but can work around most other things!).
Sorry again & chat soon,
kel xxx

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

that is cool, i think it is to wet anyway.
i will see what i am doing next week and get back to you.
enjoy your night
Hi Every1

my name's Elizabeth & i'm from South Mky and wanted to chat to any young or older mky mums to see how they handle living here & raising their family.


Mum of Cadence 7mths, plus 1 onda way

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