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hi everyone,

how r u all? i can't meet up this week but if anyone wants to meet up next week sometime that would be great, i'd really like to meet you all... i am extremely flexible cos i don't work or do anything bar shopping, housework, & being mum. so anytime anywhere just let me know and i'll be there.

talk again soon,


cadence 7mths, #2 on da way

Hi everyone

Well, I remember Kel and Shani and Michelle, but wow there's some new ppl in here - fantastic!! Sorry I haven't been in here for such a long time - kinda lost interest in the site after all the rubbish that was going on and I don't have Shani's email or Michelle's...oh well.

For the newbies, I'm Judith (everyone calls me Jud) and I have a DD Lilli who is 9 days younger that Ryan (13 months).

I'd luv to get together in the next week or so with anyone who is interested just for a catch up - STILL haven't seen those wedding pics Shani!! Let us know if anyone's interested.


DS 14, DD 9, DD 2

if you are still feeling like a catch up on friday i am keen at 10 maybe, that way can get all the house work out the way first so can come home and relax after, he he. i reckon at the old end of the harbour and how bad i cant even think what isdown there to organise where to catch up, maybe by the swings there will have to be swings down there.
i will be taking trey down there anyways so hope to catch with some of to. good to hear you and lilly and the family are doing well jud, i will bring the wedding pictures incase you show.
see you than

Zoe has a thing on at school tomorrow morning, but I'll try and get to the harbour sometime. Must admit tho I have absolutely no idea where anything is out there, as we haven't been out there since we moved back, but will see how I go! Is anyone else coming?

DS 14, DD 9, DD 2

Shani and anyone else that's coming to meet-up tomorrow,

My son just reminded me that his entire school is going to the Harbour tomorrow to celebrate something to do with the school (speaking of great memory lol??). So that's about 900 kids that'll be there - let us know whether you still want to meet there, somewhere else, or whether you want to make it another day altogether? I'm pretty easy.

DS 14, DD 9, DD 2

it is probaly a bit late but how about we make it down the harbour next friday instead, it will be to hard watching our little ones with the big ones running around. i hope you get this in time.
Hi Shani

I leave home for school at 8am, so I missed ur msg. I went out to the harbour anyway, and I am sorry to say that I think I might be blonde!! (no offence to any blondes out there!). I didn't realise that there were 2 parks, and the school went up to the end that had the surf lifesavers and stuff. I am really sorry that I stuffed your plans up for this morning...but in saying that, I'm up for next Friday at this stage (unless I have forgotten something...which wouldn't surprise me atm!) - I really want to see these photos and check out ur baby bump! Shall we say about the same time next Friday?

DS 14, DD 9, DD 2

That is alright i think we all have those moments but we can get away with it being mum. yeah next week sounds good at 10 if that is ok with you. i will bring the pictures down and you wont miss the baby bump, the funny thing is everyone says you get bigger with every baby and i had a belly early but the same size now as i was with trey which is good. not to big but big enough. anyway i will stop dribbling let me know if that time suits for next week and anyone who wants to come down is more than welcome.
see you than
Hi All,

Just wanting to bump us back up near the top!

Are we still on for the meet up tomorrow at 10am?
I am going to head out even if no one else does - if it's sunny should we meet in the old harbour park near the baby swings. & if by chance it's raining I'm going to still go & have a coffee at Ants Cafe (the green building opposite park)

Hope to catch up with those who can make it.
Chat soon,
kelly xxx

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

Hey everyone,

I would've come out to the harbour today but the weather wasn't looking so great and hasn't been looking so great for the past few weeks, I want the sun to come back out so i can do some washing, and i'm sick of wearing long pants to keep warm.

Anywho i'll chat again later,


Hi all

Sorry I didn't make it to the Harbour, but Lilli has been playing up something chronic, so didn't want to put everyone through it - I don't even want to go through it lol!

I'll be down in Brissie at the end of this week (going to the Pink concert..yes Kelly, I'll stop talking about it now lol!), but maybe we could meet up the week after if that's suitable (and hopefully it'll be well and truly sunny Elizabeth).

Let us know if anyone's interested and which day etc. as I'm pretty easy.

Cya - Jud

DS 14, DD 9, DD 2

Hello All,

For the next meet up I'd prefer a Friday morning but as it's not all about me I'll try & fit in with everyone else. Let me know the date, time & place & we will be there!

Jud, that's ok you can talk about Pink all you want but yep I am still jealous you lucky ducky but only cause you are going for a 2nd time!!! Have fun & safe travels if I don't chat before you go.

Shani, are you out there? Missed you on Friday so hope all is ok with you. I've lost your email & I've changed mine so I'll pm you my new one.

That's all from me so till next time take care,

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

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