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Hope all is well with the Mackay Mums & Bubs as we have been very quiet on here of late.

Chat soon,

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

Hey everyone,

just thought i'd say hello and let you all know that Cadence stood up by herself today for about 10sec and it was the first time that she's ever done that (she is now almost 9mths old).

and im gettin bigger by the day, i am approx 16wks pregnant wit #2.

well i'll chat again soon,

bye all

hello everybody!
i am sorry i havent been on for a while i am in bundy at the moment had my grandma get sick and pass away so i have been down here doing the family thing which has been real hard but hey rather be down here with them than away in mackay.
anyway things are going great i swear trey has a new word or 2 every day and grows up attittude ways everytime i look away. pregnancy is doing well, you can deffently tell i am pregnant now she is all out there which is a good feeling makes it a bit hard with trey but has to be odne and loving every moment of it.
anyways i get back on saturday morning and would love to have catch up some time next week just cant on monday and tuesday but any other day i am fine so let me now what days you are free.
chat soon
Hello All,

Shani, that is sad about your Grandma - i hope all is ok now & you have made it home safely.
Let me know what days your free this week so we can finally get to meet up as it has been way too long since we last chatted. That goes for anyone else too that would like to catch up.

Yay to Cadence for standing up! Look out Mum it won't be long till your chasing her everywhere!

Must be off DS is in the process of destroying the house yet again so must go & attempt to stop him.

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

hey everyone,

since my last post cadence hasn't wanted to stand on her own again...but she has been crawling around a heck of alot and trying to keep up with her is getting harder being pregnant & all.

I really can't wait till she starts walking so that i don't have to carry her around anymore.

anywho chat again later

Elizabeth, Cadence (8 1/2mths), #2 on da way

Hi Mackay Mum's!

Hope everyone is well & surviving the cold weather we are having. I am fairly free next week if anyone wants to arrange a meet up.

Chat soon,

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

hello i am keen for a meet up but might be hard over the next couple of weeks as my computer is going in to get some new programs or something done to it, i dont understand but as soon as i get it back i will jump straight on so we can organise something or kelly if you still have my home number feel free to give me a call or drop by even to organise something.
take care everyone and chat soon
hi everyone Lizzie here, just thought i'd let everyone know that i now know that i'm having a boy, i am approx 20wks preg and can't wait till dec to have this baby.

i'll catch up again later

hey guys lizzie here,

i went in today for my ante-natal & was told by the doctor that my dates were out according to my scan, the scan had me due on the 19th dec but i knew the first day of my last "you know" so my dates were 2nd dec & the doc said usually there not out by that much, so in the end the doc determined that the people who did the scan stuffed up, so now my dates are EDD 09/12/07.

then they tell me that something is up wit bubs kidneys & that they would have monitor me closely & send me for another scan, my next scan is at 32wks & my next appt is next month so if that's monitering me closely i don't know what montoring me normally is, i go every month anyway to ante natal so that's not going to change, but to wait till im 32wks for another scan isn't that waiting a bit too long?

sorry for the long post just venting.

chat again soon.


hello ladies, sorry to hear about bub lizzie, it cant be easy espicially when you have to wait. they did the same to my sister and the reason they make you wait is cause it is to early to do anything now and at 32 weeks there is more things they can do cause bub will be stronger. hang in there i am sure bub will be fine they make you worry for nothing alot of the time.
so how is everybody else, good i hope i finally got my computer back again yay. i am keen for a meet up if you are. i am 27.5 weeks now, it goes so fast i cant believe how quick it goes with the second but i am enjoying it.
trey is doing real well talking heaps and full of energy but still so well behaived and plasid at the same time, gotta love him. so kelly i guess little ryan will be getting into everything now and so will lilly. i bet tehy have grown heaps .
anyways save me dribbling on for anylonger how about we have a catch up soon let me now what you all think.
Hi All,

Shani (& anyone else that is keen) I would love to catch up. I am free pretty much all next week except for Tuesday as we have playgroup. Let me know where & when suits! It has been sooo long since we caught up!

Chat soon,

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

hello ladies. how about wednesday. we could go down the harbour or something if you'se like. i am pretty much free anyday except monday or thursday, so if wednesday isnt ok let me now. it would be great to catch up sause it has been to long.
everything is going ok with bub last week had a bit of a scare at the ante natal the doctor thought she measured to small so rushed me in for a ultra sound, i get the results tomorrow but she looked fine to me and her heart beat and all that seemed fine and she is very sctive.
but let us now what you anyway about catching up wednesday.
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