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Just wanted to know if there were any smoking mums out there as it seems to be such a taboo issue at playgroups etc, and can be very much like Breastfed/Bottlefed or VBAC or Caesarean issues. I smoke and wondered if it was possible to meet other smoking mums or even mums that don't have a problem with mums that smoke. I don't smoke in my home or even in the car? And I enjoy having a social drink now and then! Especially after a long week.
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I am with you too! It is hard finding mums out there that accept smokers. I smoke and have my drinks on a friday arvo, would love to meet up. I am on the gold coast, where about are you guys from?

Little miss cranky pants : S

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Hey me again, i am going to join u to my msn so u know who it is my email starts with ajseh...... Hope to talk to u soon.

Little miss cranky pants : S

Hey Averelle

How are you? where on the Gold coast r u.

Moved to the gold coast 2yrs ago from Sydney, Benjamin is 2yrs old 6/04/05, husband works in telecommunications he is 5yr younger than me. I'm 42 but feel somedays like i'm still 30 other days like i'm 50 hehe.

Took my son benjamin to have his 1st day orientation yesterday, OMG talk about stressful could have smoked a least half a packet LOL yesterday poor little sausage was so overwhelmed by everything, he's supposed to start for 2 days next week Tues and Thurs, But I'm so unsure about the whole thing he has only just got used to his Daddy leaving for work this week without a major tanty for about 1/2 hour.

Anyway I live in Coomera, shop frequently at Helensvale Westfield like to have a social drink even if it means sitting on the phone to my kiwi friend in Sydney for 2hrs with a bourbon and coke.

Have twin daughters of 23 in Sydney one getting married in November.

Let me know more about you.

Hey tracey,

Well you know my name, so here is a little more about me.
I am 26 soon to be 27, I live in pacific pines. My lil DD is 2 in Dec, the time flies! I work on thurs, fri and sat mornings at a little takeaway shop in Labrador. Friday arvo's after work, we head down the pub for a couple drinks and a gas bag. Adam my fiance is a butcher, works long hours....sad for a 23 yr old! He is truly like an old man! I am now drinking a vodka...hehehe! i probably sound like a bit of a wally, have had a couple now! I shop at westfield too! We probably pass each other all the time! My lil one goes to day care on thurs and friday, so i enjoy a little peace and quiet after work smile Do u have msn, it would be good to chat with someone who has a bub around the same age.

Little miss cranky pants : S

Hey there. Was wondering if you have got a group of ladies organised to have a chat and a social drink?Would love to catch up sometime.Hope all is well with you.Take care.Cheers from Danni
YAAAYY!!! There ARE normal people.!!!lol.I do smoke but not thru my pregnancy or while bf'ing.trouble is i had to give up after two weeks (not my choice) and just like you TDC808 I DO NOT smoke in the house OR the car.people tell me to give up for my babies sake but its harder than they think.....i hate that! I dont drink that much, too scared im going to turn into my alcoholic mother, however socially yes, I do enjoy one, thought im cadbury, im usually gone after about 3................(you should have seen my after being pregnant for 9 months!lol) anyway, if you want to add me, im at That goes for anyone else that wants to talk to me too.!!! i love having a else can we mothers do?seeya guys!

DS Born 10/2006,Growing Up Too Fast!

HI i too smoke not in the car or home or around my bub while out shopping... i enjoys a drink every now and then especially i gave while i was pregnant but started 3 weeks after (was just so stressed out) anyone wanna PM for email addy
im Tara i have to children a girl an a boy yes i smoke not in car or in house my children r 2 an 7mths hope to talk soon where bouts u from any one from reddcliffe Qld
Hi there,

I am a smoking mum too!!! Do not smoke in the house or in the car.... when Henry is outside with me, I make sure the wind is blowng away from him so it doesn't get near him...

I will eventually quit but for me, it's my time out... We live on a property where I can't go for coffee with anyone, and we have only been here a few months so I'm not confident to just rock up at the neighbours place.

I find people look at me as if I am such a bad person. I am well and truly overweight, I am only young and I smoke.... I'm gald there are other mums there like me!

It's not like we sit in front of our kids and blow smoke in their faces...I don't get why people get so annoyed with smokers. Henry is almost 11 months old...he's my only little one....and he's got a really awful flu ATM...

Also, I do like to have a drink every now and then.... especially during summer...A cold beer in the shade...almost better than sex!! haha!!
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Liz, 28, DF, 29. Henry- 18/10/2006, Faith 5/6/2013, Peanut being induced 21/10/2014.

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