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To all Ladies
My name is Alicia i am a mum to 15 mnth old boy so too all mums on sunny coast who wants to join a mum group all is welcome we are meeting on Wed the 13th of June at Zarraffa's At the sunshine plaza Maroocydore at 10:00am if any one is new to the area it is next to KFC which is next to Maccas all is welcome this will be 1st meeting
[Edited on 11/06/2007]

Alicia Qld Owen 17 mnths

Our next meeting is at the Sunshine Plaza at star bucks at 10 on the 27th of June all is welcome hope to see you all there

Alicia Qld Owen 17 mnths

Hi, my name is Amanda and was thinking about coming along to the mothers group meeting on the 27th. I have 2 children a 3year old and a 9 month old, and am not in any parents group at the moment and would like to meet up with some new mums.
Hi Amanda sorry i haven't gotten back sooner where on the coast are you? because next week the 4th of July we are meeting at Moffet beach at caloundra if you would like to come along if you want just email me at and i can tell you where we are meeting and there is a mum who has a 2 yr old that comes along we are meeting at a park so the little ones can run wild and wear themselves out i hope to hear from you soon

Alicia Qld Owen 17 mnths

to all mums on the sunshine coast who wants to join a mums and bubs group we are another meeting at a park at moffet beach on wed 4th of july around 10 we are getting a coffee at a coffee shop then heading across the road to the park all is welcome
Hope to see some new and old faces there hope all can come

Alicia Qld Owen 17 mnths

I'll be there grin

For all those who want a street name its seaview terace

Hello people, another mothers group meetup. its at 11.30am at the park near the cotton tree pool on 11th of july. the street name as far as i can remember is the esplanade in cotton tree. Sorry if the spellings wrong. We are also bringing some morningtea or nibbles if you wanted to join.

the street name the parks on is the esplanade cotton tree i hope to see you all there please feel free to come and join us.

Alicia Qld Owen 17 mnths

Hello everyone,

If anyone is interested in meeting some very nice mothers or mothers to be. we are having another meet and greet at the Kawana Shopping centre at 10am on the 18th of july. Just at gloria jeans coffee club.

I would just like to bumb this thread up as there is another meetup its going to be at the plaza at the coffee shop at 10am on wed 25th.

hi Mums,
do you meet up on any oher day but wednesday?? i have a 15month old boy. We have swimming on wed morn at 9.30. i would love to meet up with some other mums and bubs of similar age.


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