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I'm new here too, are there any nth gold coast mums? Lock Rss

hi there, i'm a twin & toddler mum in labrador & would like to get out walking again but need some motivation (company), anyone with toddlers or twins?

Tanya, had 3 boys under 26 months

hi there i have a baby boy who has just turn one today we live in burleigh it's probably to far away from you.but let me know we could always arrange something this is my first time on this
hi liss,
thankyou for your reply & sorry for mine taking so long it was my sons 3rd b'day on the 17th & we've had a very busy weekend, january seems to be full of b'days doesn't it so happy birthday to your son, did he have a good day?first b'days are always exciting!!! and yes burleigh is a bit far away for me as i don't drive so i never make it past southport but thankyou anyway.

speak to you soon.

Tanya, had 3 boys under 26 months

Hi Liss

I live on the Gold Coast on the beach at miami hill. I have a 10month old daughter named madison. We would love to catch up with you and your son. I am also looking for a play group to join if you know of one in the area.

My email address is [email protected]

Renata,QLD, Madison 10 mths

Hi, I am in Labrador in desperate need of some exercise! I have a 3yr old, his birthday is in January. I have transport so would be able to meet up, if you like. After the exercise we could grab a drink (no cake of course! oh yeah it would have to be a diet-y type of drink too I guess, or not!). Be great to hear from you!

Leanne, Qld, toddler


I live at Helensvale and have a three-month-old son and would love to share stories.

Bec, Gold Coast

Hi, I also live in Arundel and have a 26 month old and one due next year, looking to meet new friends, my email is [email protected] or just post here, bye!
Hi there,

I live in Monterey Keys and have a (nearly) 11 month old son Ashton. Would love to meet other mums around this area with children around this age.

My email is [email protected]

I have a 3 month + baby girl and live in Runaway Bay ! and would love to hear some of your stories I'm a first time mum.
Hi, i live in Mount Warren Park so i'm proberly to far for walking, But i thought i would write and say i have a 25 month old boy and 10 week old twins girls.....does it get any better? smile

sherrie/qld/2 year old boy/ 11 month old twin girl

hi, i have a 2yr old girl and a newborn 8wk old boy I live in the Nerang area if you are interested drop me an email [email protected]

Kate, 4yr old girl, 2yr old boy &2 week old Caleb


I'm only new to the forum, but Pacific Fair has a pretty good mums & bubs club. It's on the third of every month & we even get to enjoy a cuppa while the kids are having a boogie.

Have a look on their website -

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