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Any QLD mum's TTC??? Lock Rss


My husband & I are TTC #2 and have been for 5mths now. It is so disheartening each month when AF turns up! We have a beautiful 9mth old son, Cohen, and we did want our children close in age. We had hoped to have fallen pregnant by now.

I breastfed Cohen for 4mths and we used no other contraception and when I stopped breastfeeding we haven't used any contraception at all. The Dr told me that perhaps my hormones are back in balance yet but I had to wait 12mths of trying before he would recommend anything!

Is there anyone else in the same boat? Would love to hear from you!


DS 06, DD 08, #3 EDD 12/10.10

Hi Josie
We are ttc#3. This is only our first month of trying for this bub. Our second only took a few months, but that was bad enough. It seemed as though everyone around us was pregnant, except me, and although I know it wasn't their intentions, I felt like everyone was rubbing in the fact that they were pregnant, and I wasn't. I know you've probably heard it before, but try and take the pressure off yourself. My first was 9months when we had eventually conceived (now have 18 months difference), and their age gap is brilliant, I couldn't ask for it any other way. Have you been tracking your cycle? My DH doesn't want me to track my cycle this time round, he thinks that it's not very romantic and he hates 'doing it' on certain days! lol (I am tracking it though!!!!)
Don't despair,it will happen! PM me if you feel like chatting some more.

Hey Ladies

Good luck with TTC

I'm sending lots of baby dust your way

Oh josie!! I know the feeling babe we have been trying here for over 12mths its sooo frustrating not happening and i feel everybody else is!! To start with we were like if it happens it happens now we would really like one so there would be a nice gap between lillyan and the new one but we are just at the point i don't think its going to happen so we are having some time off!!! I feel it will be happening for u thou hehe!! Good luck and lots of baby dust chat to me anytime ill be there for you!!


I didn't realise you guys had been trying for so long - it really sux I hate waiting. I hate waiting so much so that AF is due on Tuesday & I couldn't wait any longer so I did a test this morning and of course yet again another BFN! I cried & cried. Luckily Grant was at work, cos he told me i wasn't allowed to test until after tuesday, but I just had a feeling that i was pregnant but obviously i was wrong. Unless it was just too early...will keep waiting I suppose! I guess you do need to take a break from it cos it takes up a lot of your mind & it takes away from the romance of sex really! But when you guys are ready to go again, good luck & loads of baby dust to you too!!!
Thanks heaps Sandie, I am here for you too darl!!!

DS 06, DD 08, #3 EDD 12/10.10

Yes Darl!! It could be just too early yet so don't be dishearted yet! I know how hard it is and how awfult his whole process it i myself am very much the same in the testin to early! There has also been many of times that i have cried myself!! Actually this month when i AF arrived i cried and cried because i thought i was sooo sure this time it was it! I guess it just makes u stronger!!

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!!!

Only 2 days until AF due!!! Fingerers crossed it doesn't arrive!!

DS 06, DD 08, #3 EDD 12/10.10

Hey chickies!! Sending truck loads of baby dust your ways!! Dont get too disheartened though, hopefully it will happen for you very soon!
It took us 7mths to fall preg with shy, the month i decided, nope thats it im not trying anymore - i was preg!! Anyways dont lose hope - hugs for you all!

Hey all
We are not 100% sure if we are trying or not lol. We are not actively not trying if you get my drift. The word contraception doesn't exist in this house.
We are undecided if Adam needs a playmate or not. I guess if it happens he'll have one and if it doesn't he won't. I still Breast feed him twice a day but have been pretty regular with my periods since he was 4 months - so I assume I'm ovulating.
I'll keep watching how you are all getting on and let you know. Good luck to each of you.

Di, 6 kids. 17,15,12,18 months, 8 wk old twins

Hi Di,

Thanks for the support. Your Adam & our Cohen are only 9 days apart - cool hey? We definately want Cohen to have at least 3 more playmates, but at the rate we are going he will be lucky to get one!!! But only 1 more day to wait fingers (& everything else) crossed - will keep you all updated!!

DS 06, DD 08, #3 EDD 12/10.10

hehe Count down hey!!! Well u know i have my fingers crossed for you!!! Hopefully its your time hehehe!!!

Well I think I finally got my BFP! Not getting too excited though as I did a HPT today and I waited 3mins like I was supposed too & then when I checked it, I really thought it was Negative, but when I looked closer I saw a very faint line for a positive test. But AF still has not arrived so I will wait a few more days and test again, just in case it does arrive. I am trying no to get too excited though, just incase it wasn't really positive & AF turns up.
Is it still positive even if it is very faint line?? Will keep you all updated!!!

Yay hopefully its my long awaited BFP!!!!

DS 06, DD 08, #3 EDD 12/10.10

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