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Just Like To Say Hi And How Are Their Little Treasures Going? Lock Rss

Hey there just like to say hi and see how their little treasures are going?Well my little man Tyler is going really well he is 2 and loves going to kindy as his teachers say he is a real chatter box and a flirt still. He is growing up so quickly. We love going to the parks alot we take his bike down there and his ball.If any one is interested in coimg to the park for a picinc any day let me know and we can organise it.I work in childcare and get hrs whenever I can. As I am up for a pinic in the park with the children. My email address is [email protected] Hope to hear from any one soon.Cheers from Danni.Ps I live on the Gold Coast.
Hey there. How are you going? I am well. I am free next week if any one would like to catch up for a picinc park. Hope all is well. Cheers from Danni
Hey there, Hope everyones littles ones are ok in this really bad flu season.My little boy has been really sick with it and so have I .I ended going to hospital last nite and still am not good. ButI would like to catch up next week some time maybe fri the 31st of august at target at westfield say around 10.30am. Email if you are interested.Hope you are all well. Take care.Cheers from Danni
hey Danni
A few of us are meeting at w/f 10am tomorrow if you want to join us

Di, 6 kids. 17,15,12,18 months, 8 wk old twins

Hey there. I hope your little treasures are going well. My little treasure is a fine bill of health now yeah. He loves going to kindy only 2 days. I work at his kindy and it is great as I see him there when he is there. I hope you ladies are going well. Would maybe like to organise a get together on the weekend. Well take it easy. I will hear from you. From Danni
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