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Does anyone play netball?

I would like to play again, havent played since before kids though.

I would like to play during the day where there is creche for the kids.

Joondalup Bouncers or Arena are my closest i think?

Anyone know how i get involved or interested in starting a team!


Hi Amy, I'm not 100% sure on how to go about getting enrolled etc, but I'd be interested in playing if you do get something happening...! All depending on the kids schedules of course though!! ha ha!

Keep me tuned!!
I'll do a ring around on Minday and see whats available!

hay girls

im interested too all depends on bubs scheldules though

thursday will be great



Hi girls

I haven't played netball since high school but am craving some sort of physical activity!

If you get some more info re: days/times/cost etc I'd definitely be interested, and the Arena at Joondalup is very handy for me..

The only day I couldn't do is Wednesday - gymbaroo with DD.

Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

I have rang both Arena & Bouncers (they are both in Joondalup).

Arena plays on Fri (am) and goes with the school terms

Bouncers plays Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday's (all am).

I will do a bit more research and get back to everyone!


Heya i also havnt played in years but would love to join a team. sounds like fun. Not very fit after having second kiddie but Joondalup is great for me we are in the hocking area. Thursdays are a good day for me Tuesdays are also ok. Provided that the creche is available. Keep me posted.
Hey Amy, That sounds great. I'm happy to play anywhere with a creche. Like the other girls I haven't played for years and years and years.... but I'm sure I can get into the swing of things...! It will be nice to get back into it again!

Sounds good Amy! Where exactly is Bouncers? Is it in that Winton Rd area?

I need to shed a few kilo's so my wedding rings fit me again!!

Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

Yes Bouncers is next to "Go Bananas" off Winton Road.

Its a big Indoor Sports Centre!

I need to loose more than a few Kilos!!!!

Hi Amy,
Im interested, I have not played for about three years, but keen to start back again. If you find out some more info PM me.
I cant do Tuesdays,


OK im thinking THURSDAYS AM suit most people best!!

I am going to find out more about Thurs Am @ Bouncers!!

Will et you all know soon!

We still need more ladies so past the word around, or if any one else is interested let me know!


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