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Hi all,

I have just moved to Canning Vale recently and I am expecting bubby number 2 in 3 and a bit weeks. My partner & I already have an almost 2 year old boy named Jack.

We are originally from Booragoon area but moved to Margaret River and have been living there for the last year so I am a little out of touch with the Mothers Group thing and would love to start one of my own if anyone is interested.

I'm not really sure if I will start before or after the birth of our second son, I guess it depends alot of what type of response I get but I was thinking of doing random activities such as swimming, picnics at parks, walks, lunch at home or out etc.

If anyone is interested then please let me know either via this or at

Till then....
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liz,jack & billy

Hi Lizzy

I'd be interested in organising something. My son is 20 months and I'm expecting #2 in April. I'm also looking into starting a playgroup since it is really hard to get into one in the Canning Vale area.

Kelly smile
Hi Kelly,

I had an email from another girl, Amy from Thornlie and she said that she already has a group running there where most of the kids are around the 2 year mark or under. She said all the mums are between the ages of 21 to 30 which is cool too. Not that age is a problem either way. But apparantly they do much of the same thing as I was planning on doing such as meeting up every week with something different each time such as an outing or at someones house.

I told her that it may be an idea to go to her group at least up until I have bubby number 2.. the same may work for you also?? and then I/we could start another one once I've settled into some kind of routine.

Let me know what you think anyway.


liz,jack & billy

Hi Liz

That sounds like a better idea. Do you know what day and time they meet up?

I have been reading through all the Playgroup info and I'm not sure I want the responsibility of setting one up especially with a new baby on the way soon, so maybe we could look at that after.

Speak soon
Hi Kelly,

I'm still waiting on hearing back from Amy so when I do I will let you know the details.

Speak soon.


liz,jack & billy

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liz,jack & billy

hi there my name is Elyse.. i live in Canning Vale.. im 21 yrs old and dont know many ppl with babies..
i have a little boy who is 3 and a half months old
would love to find ppl in the area to meet up with hve lunch or a coffee or something..
let me know if anyone is interested.. im always free
my email is


Hi Elyse,

I have added you to msn so if you want to chat my addy for that is I would love to catch up for coffee etc.

If you want too, another girl from Huggies and I are setting up a Mothers Group, she lives in Canning Vale also. We are meeting up next Thursday at her house to arrange it for a weekly thing so feel free to come along to that if you like. There are 6 mothers in total so far I think and she said there are like 6 bubby's under 2 and 4 under 6 months, or something crazy like that, haha.

Let me know if your interested.

Talk soon.

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liz,jack & billy


I'm jaye 23 with a baby girl called Izzabella Rose 6 weeks old, really good baby. i live in canning vale opposite the Brooklyn tavern and the vale shopping centre. i would love to get to know some mums in the area. My email is

Im also thinking about bubs swimming classes? have you been? do they have to be a certain age? my bella loves the shower and water already is 6 weeks to young?

Thanks look forwad to hearing from you.
Hi Jaye

I think for most swimming classes, bubs needs to be 6months, but at Murdoch Hospital, you can go along to postnatal classes from 8 weeks. You do a 20min swimming class with the littlees, then a break so you can dry them and feed them, and volunteers come in and look after your bub while you do post natal aerobics - great fun. I can't remember the cost, I think around $18 but if you have private health insurance it is covered under physio.
Hi ladies

My name is Leanne and I live in the Thornlie area, 2 girls Chelsea is 3 and a half and Indiana is 4 months old. I tried a playgroup a couple of months ago but found it quite intimidating as they had all been going together for years and felt like an outcast!!
Please let me know if you do or have started one up as my littlies need some interaction with other kids!

Hi Ladies

Im not in Canningvale but im only 10 mins down the road. I would love to join a mothers group. But am kinda stuck as to where to go or which one would be best. And i only joined Huggies last week i think it was lol so im pretty new to all this smile If you get this mothers group up and running i would love to be included. Im 23 and I have a 13month old DD Mackenzie and one on the way due in October.

PM me if you would like my email addy

Hoping to her from you soon

Jem xxx
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