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Meeting up Lock Rss

Hello everyone, im just wondering has anyone met up with others from this forum? How did it go?


Hi Natalie

I have met up with one girl from this site and she is very nice. Her little girl is around same age as my son. I've only met up with her once so far but we intend to keep meeting for walks/cofee etc.

I've also made a friend who lives SOR (i'm NOR) and we have been emailing each other for months. Our sons are 3 wks apart and both named Jack smile
Anyway we have developed a strong friendship and always there for each other as both our boys aren't very good sleepers. We are planning to meet up real soon and i'm really looking forward to it !!

I think this forum is a great way to meet new people and seeing we are all mums, we have plenty in common!

I say go for it ! You can't have too many friends smile

Take care

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