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young mum wants friends joondalup Lock Rss

hi. dont want to soulnd desperate but.......... my son chris is nearly 10 months im 19 and all my friends love to go out drinking on the weekends. i cant connect with them and all mothers groups near me are full of older women. help anyone?

Sorry to hear about your situation, I'm 25 and find that a lot of groups around are full of older women. There are some real horror stories out there about how younger mums are made to feel bad for having kids younger.

I know joondalup is a bit further away but there are a few mums who are thinking of setting up a new playgroup for younger mums in brighton. So if u are interested let me know.

If that falls through, pm me if you just want to chat.
Hey i live in yanchep at the moment but moving soon 2 quinns area and would be interested in meeting other young mums.. so was wanting some info on the mums group please. Im 19 and my girl is two and a half..

Also i dont mind travelling to joondalup if you were interested in catching up.. i find the playgroups i go 2 are the same.. all older people!! let me know if your interested..

Hi my name is Tessa i am 21 and i am 32 weeks pregnant expecting my first child. My husband is also 21 and we are finding it very difficult and depressing finding people around our age, i also feel like we do get looked down on alot, life is hard enough trying to figure how we are going to pay all the bills without other peoples judgement.

I have just moved to Clarkson and would love to catch up with other mums my age, thankfully i finish work in 2 weeks smile
hello tessa

I know what you mean about people judging you! I'm quite petite and look younger than the 25yrs that I am and when out and about with my 2 bubs I get some pretty dirty looks sometimes. The best are from old ladies which is ridiculous cause they probably had kids when they were my age!

hi. thank you for replying. ummm i dont really know what to say right now. tell me about you and your daughter? did u say daughter. i forgot. sorry.
Hey yeh i have a daughter!! im probly not moving any more atm but like i said i dont mind heading to u drive? my email is [email protected] us if u the same.. i dont really know any other young mums so email us n we go from name is emma and my daughter is tia

im in the same boat as you
I'm 22 and have a little fello Jack he is 10 months also
im in hamersley so only 15 mins from joon... do you drive?
i wouldnt mind catching up for a cuppa!

Nay + Jack

Hi there,
Sorry you're having such a hard time. I'm on the other end of the scale I'm 38yo with #3 (8yrs age gap) and when I first moved here to Rockingham, all I saw and met were young mums. I have since met one mum who is older than me lol and also met and became friends with a 19yo.

The one thing we have in common is children and that's where we connect. Anything else is a bonus.

I must add also on the various baby forums I belong to .. there are HEAPS of young mums so you're not alone and you did a great thing by getting online smile

Hope you get some connections happening.

living the life of a Navy wife and mum.

hey i'm erin and i'm nealy 20 i have an 8 month old little girl we also have the same problem but i have joined my local playgroup in mirrabooka so not that far from u every wednesadays from 10-12 they are a great bunch or people its very fun and relaxing and theres about 10 other mums ranging in age with babies around the same age you should give it a go e-mail me if your interested [email protected] Do you drive??
Hi i'm erin we have an 8 month old little girl Lillie i'm nearly 20 i live in balga so 5 mins from where you are would love to catch up with some one closer to my age. i also go to playgroup on wednesdays from 10-12 at the mirrabooka child health clinic you know where the library is it's in the same building. one on tomorrow if you interestd great group of ladies and lots of other women with babies around the same age.
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