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I'm just curious as to what other expectant mothers that have no family or anyone around to look after your child/children when you have gone into labour?
Is there a recommended baby sitting service or the like that someone might be able to help me on?

I have made a few friends but most live a fair way and have their own families to take care of that I don't feel comfortable enough to 'disrupt' their lives iykwim. wink

Thanks. xox

hey there i think there was a post about this not so long ago, there is a nanny service it you look it up in the white pages, also have a talk to your doc about it and they will more than help you with it
So there's no recommendations on anyone?/service? in particular for a one off occasion that would most likely involve a late night/early morning call to start with to take care of little ones..

Hmmmm.. DF is starting to stress about the idea now, I am in the middle of changing hospitals so we're in 'limbo' at the moment as it is.

I hope to get some promising replies before too long *fingers tightly crossed*


Which hospital are you going to? I'm sure when you go to your antenatal appointment you'd be able to ask them for some ideas.

I feel for you, it would be very hard. I think if it was me, I'd have to go to hospital on my own and leave DH with the kids at home. Though it wouldn't be nice for him to miss the birth either.

I hope someone has a good suggestion for you, as I don't know.

Leah smile
What suburb are you in??

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

im hoping to sign up to some nannying/babysitting soon, i wish i could help you, and i wish i was already signed up.

i have a nearly 8 month old and have my first aid cert and cert 3 in childcare! so if ever you want to meet up or something give us a PM smile
Awww.. it's so nice to come in here and find some more responces, THANKYOU!! grin

To answer some questions wink

I was going to Osbourne Park Hospital but now have papers up in the air between them and King Edward Memorial Hospital awaiting a "Welcome aboard" or something to let me know I'm accepted IYKWIM...
So still waiting on an antenatal appt to ask Leah wink
but I just COULD NOT imagine not having one person in my birthing room I don't know while in labour, my man is my EVERYTHING (and of course so is our DS BUT... for obvious reasons, it's a no go.. lol) I feel I NEED him, but do realise if crunch comes to crunch, so be it, I'll birth alone. sad
But this is why I started this question up, is because we NEED someone for DS! wink

We live on the boarderline of Yokine and Dianella.

Your offer is a lovely offer *MyPrinceCorey*! Thankyou! wink
Will have to go stalk you now! he hee..


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Hmm I thought I replied to this thread!! lol.

I haven't been in your situation as my mum lives within a 2 min drive from me(as do hubby's family). But perhaps you could approach a few child care centres and see if any of their staff were looking for some work when you need to go into hospital.
Ahhh.. I didn't realise I could ask around at CCC's, DS doesn't go to one nor has he before so it's a new 'area' for me as I don't know what they do and dont do, really didn't realise that staff members would work through the night/wee hours for a child (especially) that isn't 'registered' within the group.

All of this info is a great help, I'm learning now that there is more out there then I originally thought! wink

I will look into seeing what CCC's are nearby and make some phone calls, I just really never realised they could help me out, so YAY!! *fingers crossed*

Other then that, I've had a good chat to my mother on the phone in FNQ and she now says she will try her best to be here on the 25th of Oct (DS came 2 weeks early) so that's very incourageing to me now! wink
We can get on like Best Friends BUT last time she came (a few hours after DS was born) she planned to be with us for 2 weeks but ended up leaving after a week as our hormones were just flying about something mad and clashing and last time I saw her in Tassie (Easter last year) we again clashed so we are both a bit wary how we'll get on this time, especially in the last week/s of pregnancy under the same roof BUT somehow we'll just have to get along! LOL!
I LOVE her dearly and somehow we'll have to both step down a knotch with each other as it'd be such a HUGE help for us and I know she only means well and MORE! ;-D

Ahhh.. looks like I've gotten carried away about personal life here, LOL!
Time for me to shush and get on with the day! Ha haa..

Thanks xo

hey mylittlestar you know kids galore in yokine? the childcare centre? i use to work there! if you know which one im talking about, theres 3 around that area so you cant miss it lol
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