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Thinking of Moving to Perth...anyone who can give info Lock Rss

My partner our 8 month old son and I are thinking of moving from Newcastle NSW to Perth...couldn't move further without leaving the country, anyway we have been told he can earn a lot more money over there (he is a plasterer) as they are crying out for people in the building trade, we were also told the cost of living is cheaper...can anyone verify this for us?

Also, we are wanting to live not a hell of a way from Perth but not in the city, can anyone suggest some nice affordable family suburbs for us to look at?

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i just moved over to WA from Penrith NSW in november last year so my husband can start working on te mines as there is a lot of money there aswell.

yes it is definatly a lot cheaper that NSW in the way of either renting or buying a house you can get a 4 bed 2 bath house for around 320,000 depending where you but of course some places are even cheaper than that and some more expensive too.
with everything else like food petrol etc it is about the same price.

we moved to a suburb called Beldon it is about 15 - 20 mins north of perth. this is a pretty good area to live some other suburbs in the area are joondalup, wanneroo, heathridge, mullaloo but the shire of joondalup and wanneroo have a lot of nice places depending on what you want.

but i would definatly reccomend the move from NSW. aso when it gets hot over here it is not as bad becuase it is dry heat and doesn't have the humidity that you get over sydney way

hope this helps

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I have lived in perth most of my life a I can honestly say I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. The weather is mostly great of course having a few exceptional days either really hot or really windy. There is heaps of stuff and resources for families to do and see!!
My partner is also in the building trade and is flat out working all time. There is a definant shortage of tradesmen as the cities growth rate outweighs the tradesmen that can do the jobs!!
The cost of living from my experience whether renting or purchasing a home is considerably cheaper than any where in Australia bar Adelaide.
I live in Heathridge which is in the northern suburbs about a 40 min drive down the freeway to the city centre. It is a friendly, tidy and safe affordable place to live as are the surrounding suburbs....Mullaloo, Beldon, Joondalup, Craigie, Woodvale, Edgewater, Connolly, Kalleroo to name just a few.
Good Luck in making your decision
Hi there,

My husband, 4mth old girl and I moved to Perth mid Jan for his work from Adelaide. Neither of us had been to Perth before and faced the same issues you most likely are also regarding moving and where to live. We are living in a suburb called Daglish, which is very very close to the Perth city (about 10mins by car or so pending traffic) and are next door to Subiaco. We found the rent here more expensive than Adelaide however it depends what you are looking for. Living expenses remain the same as Adelaide, you coming from NSW may find it cheaper. There seems to be alot of work for those in the construction industry and its allied partners.

hope this helps and good luck for the move.

Hi, Perth is a beautiful city, i love it here. I live in High Wycombe and i think it is really nice. It is on the rise, and houses are still pretty good price. It is only about 20-25 mins from city, but also close to hills for family activities (picnics etc). Best of luck with your move, and if u do decide to move here-welcome to Perth!
hi, perth is great, although i've never lived anywhere else. my partner is also a plasterer, and trust me... your partner wont be short of work! there is quite a lot of work in the northern suburbs of perth. about 30 - 45 mins from the city. we live in clarkson, which is a really nice area, and pretty close to the beach (5 mins). the suburbs just north of us include butler, quinns rocks, merriwa. these suburbs have a lot of work for plasterers. (clarkson is affordable. depending on which part you live in, house prices vary from $250000 to about $350000. rental prices vary from about $175 for a 4x2 to $270 for the same. once again, depends where in the suburb you are.) hope this helps.

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When you are in Perth, are a great removalist company for getting you in to your new home!
If you're looking for a new place to stay, the Psaros Lifestyle Centre is a great way to look at a variety of apartments without dragging your kids all over the place. They have 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments so good for a young family and central to the Perth CBD and public transportation. It's only open on weekends which is a shame but it's still better than dragging around to a million places with a toddler.
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