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Young mum's in Maddington Rss

I am a young mum in maddington with a 4mnth old boy and i am looking for other young mum's in this area. If anyone would like to chat my email is:
Hi there..

Well I'm not from maddington but i do live close by in Kelmscott.. Wow still so small cherish every moment as it just goes so fast.. My precious little one turns one in 2 weeks.. It's kinda scary but so exciting at the same time.. I have added you to my msn, not sure if you have it or not but anyway..
If you would like to chat send me an email on:



Lynsey, WA

hi im a 19yr old mum with a 5 month old boy i live in kenwick and so if u would like to chat email me
hi im a 21 year old mum with 2 girls Naomi(5) and Isabella(3 months),just letting you know some mums and i are organising to meet up in cannington at carousel sometime soon,no definate date/time set yet. my email address is

yvonne,mum to naomi and isabella

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