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Hi all

My DD is 2 but am looking into sending her to 3Yo kindy next year. The only problem is I don't know where to start! Can anyone give me places that provide 3Yo kindy? I've heard that Pioneer Village School in Armadale does one but am hoping there might be some other ones in the local area?

Also does anyone have any views on 3Yo kindy versus say one day a week in daycare? I am a stay at home mum and so thus far DD has not ever been in daycare. I don't want her to get to kindy without having had any "independant" time away from me or other family/friend carers.

Any views on the subject would be welcome.
Thanks in advance!
Montessori schools start at 3...maybe check one out in your area
Jump Child Care is a 3yr old kindy program. Your child has to be 2 1/2 to be able to go and I am pretty sure there are no children older than 4 maybe 5 attending. My son has started this year and we love it. The staff are fantastic and you also get your child care rebate. The centre is attached to Carey Baptist College on Wright Road Harrisdale - used to be Forrestdale North but is in the City of Armadale.
Thanks so much for the info! What day per week does it operate? What sort of things do they do there? Can you enrol mid year or do you have to wait for start of school year? (My daughter will be 2 1/2 by mid year)
Jump operates everyday - it is a child care centre with a 3yr old program. You can enrol mid year and I think their standard rate is $57 per day. They do all kinds of things, they have a lady there who is dedicated to art and crafts. All the kids have to wear hats and sunscreen outside, they have outside play, in the mornings the children do puzzles, read, draw etc. They also invite the parents to come and help out. It is really really great. All the staff are so lovely.
forgot to mention they do ask that you enrol your child a min of 2 days per week as it helps them to settle in. Can do as many days as you like space permitting of course smile
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