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Hi There Folks,

i actually live in scotland uk but am shortly emigrating with my husband and 2 children to Perth, REALLY SCARY!! it's a big move leaving family and friends behind but having visited Perth before know that the life style will be great for us all!! and the sunshine instead of the snow we have had all winter!!
When we arrive we will be staying at the Vines in a house that my husbands parents own, they have been out there for 10 years, anybody live around here??? but quite like the look of Ellon brook? cant spell!!
My husband is in the oil industry so a relocation through his job seemed the best idea, would love to know how to integrate my kids into the community, holly is 3 and max is 1, also need some buddies to keep me sane!!

Hi Kirsten

How exciting for you ! smile I don't live out that way but I know few people who do and they absolutely love Ellenbrook. There are a lot of young families there so although it's quite a drive from the city it has a lot of stuff for families.
Ellenbrook has 3 playgroups and the Mother Child Health Nurse will be able to point you in the direction of the local mothers groups.
I can pass you on to a couple of locals if you want to ask them a few questions.
my email is rhoxie at
(change the at to @ and remove the spaces)

Roxy smile

Roxy, WA, Mum of 3 smile

Hi Kirsten

Wow it is a big move but I agree it is a fabulous lifestyle for the little ones. I lived in Europe for a couple of years and even though I loved it I can't imagine a better place than Perth to raise your children. When are you moving across?

I have a little girl Madeleine who is one so if you want to stay in touch my email is I don't live too far from Ellenbrook. It is a really nice area.

Take care and goodluck with the move.


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